AHOOOOY there!

“Damn, Rosi, where the hell did you go off to?” I been around. Well….not in THAT sense, but ya’ll know what I mean. I have been soooo freaking busy at work (plus working OT to accumulate cheddah for RHINEBECK!) 😉


Ahem. Yea. Who’s NOT looking forward to Rhinebeck?? You’re not?? You’re crazy. So. Today I bring to you MORE Yarn Ahoy. Ya’ll know I love me some Yarn Ahoy yarnies (plus her yarns are SO photogenic, doncha think?). Oh, she’s holding a contest on her blog for things people have knit with her yarns. I entered my Fuego Socks. Go check it out. This is her Superwash Sock (375 yds). She recently increased her yardage from 350. WOO HOO! 🙂 Can you see the squishiness factor of 1000 in these pictures? First colorway: Ashes & Embers. Perfect name for it because you can almost SEE the embers glowing amidst the ashes.

Yarn Ahoy Superwash Merino (10)


Yarn Ahoy Superwash Merino


Yarn Ahoy Superwash Merino (12)


Yarn Ahoy Superwash Merino (9)

Second colorway: Rohtang Pass. Not sure what that one means. I’m sure we could google it. But I HEART the colors in this one:

Yarn Ahoy Superwash Merino (3)


Yarn Ahoy Superwash Merino (7)


Yarn Ahoy Superwash Merino (6)


Yarn Ahoy Superwash Merino (5)


Yarn Ahoy Superwash Merino (4)



All these enticing pictures of Yarn Ahoy pr0n are not without a reason. There’s a contest going on behind the scenes at The Soapy Knitter. I can’t tell you guys what it is because I want it to be fair and all that. HA! But, the winner will win it soon. I promise. ROFLMAO Secretive, much?

But I CAN tell you that the winner will receive fabo prizes. Besides a goody package from me, he/she/it will receive a $25 gift certificate to Yarn Ahoy so that you can share in the squooshiness with me. 🙂

So….back to your normally scheduled blogging! 😉

PS: There has also been LOTS of knitting and knitting planning going on. Stay tuned for FO’s.

16 thoughts on “AHOOOOY there!”

  1. Secret contest? Fun! (Should I make nine comments on this post? Heheheh…)

    How about the kitty?? How goes it with the kitty??

    Oh, and also: RHINEBECK!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  2. I love that Yarn Ahoy! I also love contests! I am planning my own bloggy contest, hope to announce it next week but haven’t figured out all the details yet. So fun!

  3. ‘Rohtang Pass’ is a treacherous pass that connects two valleys in the foothills of the Himalayas. There’s a lot of snow, blue skies & earth (some green in late Spring & summer).
    🙂 Manasi

  4. “It”? So, Calvin and Ripple can enter too? Cool. That’s 3 entries for me. If a cat wins I promise to knit it toys with the yarn. 😆 Ok no not really. That stuff is gorgeous though.

  5. hahah Calvin and Ripple left comments! Too cute. Now, what’s this about a secret contest? Let’s hope it involves cool shoes from Zappos….. 🙂

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