Hi, my friends!! I’ve been CRAZEE BUSY at work, at home, all over the place!!! I’ve composed AT LEAST two blog entries in my head and then don’t get a chance to come and write it all down.

Let me start by telling you all about the WONDERFUL Day-After-Turkey-Day Knitting Event at my house last Friday. I invited my peeps to come over for a day of yarnie goodness. Necia, Tawana, Shameka and Chante came over and we had a BLAST of a time! I made a turkey which sat in this FANTASTIC brine made from a recipe that Necia found for me online (I followed exact except for the hickory roast thing). That bird came out soooo juicy and good. There was pie and rice and pernil and creamy corn spoon bread and COQUITO – a creamy coconutty liquor!!! YES PEOPLE!! You must ALL try out this coquito!!! I’ll post the recipe soon.

Here’s some pix for ya!  Let’s start with Tawana knitting on her mittens.

Preggo Tawana making Thrummed Mittens

Shameka concentrating on her hat.

Shameeka concetrating

Necia concentrating on her mittens, too.  She thought she dropped a stitch.  Said mitten was frogged later that weekend.  LOL

Necia said she's missing a stitch

Chante stretching from all the knitting!


And my little Esmie SPINNING ON MY SPINDLE!!  Something her Momma ain’t learn to do well yet!

My ever crafty daughter!

Necia taught me more on the spinning. See, when I picked up the wheel from Tawana, she gave me a short crash course. I couldn’t get the hang of treadling so I took it home and a week and a half later took it out again and just treadled for a bit. Put it away again, and when Necia came, she taught me her method of spinning – no predrafting – don’t ask me what else cuz I can’t describe it – and it worked!!! I spun LACEWEIGHT people. To the point that I don’t know if I’ll be able to learn how to spin anything heavier, LOL.

But, sadly, I’ve decided that spinning is not yet for me. See, all I wanna do is KNIT KNIT KNIT. Ya’ll know how OCD I am about my knitting! I’m not ready to jump into spinning and the wheel has not really been touched. I think I’ll be ready when all I wanna do is SPIN to KNIT. Get it? So the wheel is going back. 😳

In other news, I’ve been knitting up Thrummed Mittens like a maniac! Tawana was knitting on some that day and I fell IN LUUURVE. Hard. No picture yet, but that’s what’s been on my needles.

I also finished up a few FO’s during Thanksgiving break. Will post those soon!

Gotta run!! LOVE YA’LL LOTS!

11 thoughts on “INSANELY BUSY!”

  1. Wow. I don’t know how you guys get together and knit such intricate stuff! I can’t do that with people/conversation around!!! Gorgeous mittens!

  2. That day sounded fantastic! I’m sorry you didn’t get into spinning. Sometimes people do and sometimes they don’t. I’m thoroughly OCD about my knitting, so I can relate.

  3. That looks like a great time! The thrum mittens look gorgeous, and those mittens you say got ripped out later… Can I borrow some of Necia’s Fair Isling mojo? Do you think she’d miss it?

    And yay for Esme picking up a spindle. I like spinning, it’s what I do when my brain is too tired for knitting. Or when my wrists hurt. It’s a way to connect with the yarny part of me without getting chronic tendon pain.

  4. Been missing yah babe!! BUT I know when it is quiet around these parts you are up to something!! 😉

    I love it when the Sistahfriends get together and I am SO jelly!!! 😥

    Yep totally get you on you want to be at the point of desiring to spin to knit. I don’t think spinning will ever be for me! Haha!

    Can’t wait to see your FOs and WIPs!!!

  5. That looks like such a good time! I wish I had some knitting friends I could get together with!

    I love Necia’s mittens! What’s the pattern?

  6. yeah i couldn’t get the spinning either. i wish i had someone to show me. my wheel has been up for a year… 😕
    looks like a fun night. i’m jealous.

  7. yeah, I know, long time, no hear from, but I’m still around town. 😉

    I wish I could learn how to spin. I even tried making my own
    spindle after watching a “Spin-Episode” of Knitty-Gritty.
    I just don’t have any loose-wool fiber to try it.
    I know I haven’t posted any pics lately, but I hope this month,
    someone gives me a digital-cam or enough $$ so I can get one!

    Take care~

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