More Hoes!

I DID say I wanted to knit more knee highs right?

Toirneach Stockings

I wasn’t kidding. These are the Toirneach Kilt Hose from Knitty. QUICK knit. Except ya’ll know I always have eleventyseven projects going at once so it took me longer.

Toirneach Stockings (2)

The pattern for this is very well written. Simple, easy to follow instructions with a short lace repeat at the top. OH! And these are knit top-down which is NOT my normal method for knitting socks. I prefer toe-ups cuz my feets are a tad LARGE!

Toirneach Stockings (1)

See? Size 11. He or she who gets a good swift kick up the ass with these puppies FEELS it! Trust me on that.


Toirneach Kilt Hose


Source: Knitty, Winter 2007
Yarn: Dream in Color Classy, every inch of 2 skeins
Total Cost: $40
Needles: Size US 2.5 and 4
Started: December 2007
Finished: January 2008

9 thoughts on “More Hoes!”

  1. Whee! That’s the first time I’ve seen my name as the anti-spam word. Heh. I amuse easily.

    Those look AWESOME. I didn’t realize they were a cuff down pattern! I’da been nervous too! I’m more apt to knit knee-highs if they’re toe up so I’m sure the fit is perfect and I use up all the yarn I have. Looks like you lucked out and didn’t have to break into a 3rd skein! Nice! Love the color too.

  2. Those are gorgeous!!! It’s nice to know that the pattern is well written. My boyfriend and I are in a Scottish wedding next year and he is wearing a kilt so I am contemplating making these for him.

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