Baby, you’ll always be my #1

Cuz no matter what needles may come and go, I will always come right back to you, my darling Addi Turbos.

So, ya’ll remember that I’d done my Print O’The Wave Shawl in Schaeffer Trenna right? No? Well, I’m reminding you. When I started the shawl I was using Knit Picks Options, I think, the nickel ones. I decided to order Addi’s during that time in the size I needed for that stole. Turns out, as soon as I switched needles, I zoomed right along on that lace! It was CRAZY!

Finished Print O' The Wave Stole (5)

Knowing this, can someone please tell me why I chose to start my contest lace using the same yarn with Knit Picks Harmony needles? We all know how fragile the smaller sizes are for these needles. I was knitting slow like my subconscious just KNEW I was gonna break one if I tried to go too fast. So this morning, I wised up. I said, “What the FUCK am I DOING??” loud and clear on the train this morning. No one really noticed it as I’m not the first nor the last nut to blurt shit out on the train. It’s a New York thang. I whipped out my Addi’s that I’d stuck in my bag when I started the lace for my Little Knits contest entry, and I’m now merrily zipping right along!

KP Harmony vs Addi Turbos

8 thoughts on “Baby, you’ll always be my #1”

  1. I’m with Karen, the knitters always think I’M the crazy one cuz I’m sneaking glances at them. Hee hee!

    Are those Addi’s pointy enough for you? Or does the speed make up for the points? I like my lace knitting to hurt 😉

  2. The Crest of the Wave shawl is gorgeous! Love the yarn color you chose too. I’m glad the switch in needles made your lace fly like the wind!

  3. Rosi-What is it that you don’t like about the Knit Picks needles? Are you referring to regular Addi’s or the lace Addi’s. The shawl looks great!

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