And the winners are…

You guys cracked me up with the guesses. I could hear the brain cells frying … LOL Trust me, mine fried for the half hour it took me to FINALLY figure it out! The correct answer is (as some of the later commenters may have guessed) 10,990! 🙂 (It’s EIGHT cats in each bag! The one big ass Ripple look-alike (Cristi‘s darling) and 7 Graylin’s (Necia‘s baby).) 🙂 So I stuck all the commenters who posted the correct answer into the RNG and came up with the following winners:

  1. Amy (
  2. Christy (
  3. Reluctant Mango (

Congrats to the winners and thank you all for participating!! If the winners would please email me (see contact Rosi G. above) and let me know your snail mail addys I’ll pop your soap in the mail! 🙂

On to the knitting!! A couple of weeks ago, I knit a fantastically fast garment. AND….IT’S IN ACRACKLYC!!! Can ya’ll believe that? Jeanine kept showing me this damn Drops Design pattern. I browsed all over Ravelry at the FO’s posted there. One Friday night, I hopped in the car, drove to Michael’s, consulted via text with Jeanine regarding correct yarn selection, bought some Moda Dea Tweedle Dee, went home and cast on. A week later, I had a sweater!

Drops Jacket

That’s right. ONE WEEK! And can I just say it’s one of THE most comfy sweaters I’ve knit to date.

Drops Jacket (3)

I’ve worn it several times already. I left out the buttonholes by mistake on purpose and I just LOVE the way it looks like a mini-blazer type jacket!

Drops Jacket (5)

When I want to close it up, I stick in a shawl pin I got from The Loopy Ewe.

Drops Jacket (2)

Drops Jacket (4)

My gauge was different. So I knit a larger size than I normally would. It fits PERFECTLY! This Moda Dea yarn was not so bad to knit with and it softened up CONSIDERABLY after steam blocking. (Oh, btw, careful with that steam cuz acrylic yarn can get hard in places if you stick it too close, AMHIK 🙄 )

Drops Jacket (1)

Drops 103-1 Eskimo Jacket

Source: Drops Design
Yarn: Moda Dea Tweedle Dee (Indigo Run colorway)
Total Cost: $32.57 (used 4.66 skeins, a total 722.3 yds)
Needles: Size US 10.5
Size Knit: XL Started & finished in one week in January 2008
Mods: No buttonholes! 😎

15 thoughts on “And the winners are…”

  1. Ooooh! I love that! I may need one of my own!

    PS: I just whipped up one of your Capitan hats for my future-sister-in-law and wanted to let you know that I love the pattern! Well-written, quick, easy and an adorable FO! Thanks so much!

  2. All those damn legs–stick eight cats in a backpack and someone’s gonna lose a leg…or eight thousand which would have made my answer right. 😉

    Love that jacket–and it’s multi-seasonal–bonus!

  3. Geez, I feel so stupid. I really THOUGHT about my answer. Lol. This reminds me, I must take pictures of JoJo tonight. And, that sweater truly does look great on you. I think it may actually be my favorite of your gazillion fo’s.

  4. I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off! Haha!!
    Good to know who the knit nerds are now! 😛

    Really really like your DROPS jacket! Unintentional mods worked out very well! Need to find me one of those shawl pins at LE!

    Now I wanna see Jeanine’s Eskimo – See!! We said you would be done in 1.5 days!! ;op 😆

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