Have you ever heard the saying, “No hagas una tempestad en un vaso de agua?” (Translation: “Don’t make a storm in a cup of water.”) This is usually me. I’m usually the one to freak out over small things and then later say, “ok, it’s not that bad!”

Tempest I (4)

This knit reflects NONE of that attitude! When I first saw this pattern in Knitty I told my friends that I would NOT be making a cardigan where I had to sew 14 buttons!! HELL NO! Yea, well, I ate those words. Happily. 🙂

Tempest I (6)

(sorry, blurry pic, but you get the idea!!)

I would love to make another one of these using fingering weight yarn. I would knit a size or two larger because my arms are kind of big. The cardigan is designed to fit snugly so it accentuates my drumstick arms, as you can see by the pictures. Now, ask me if I care?! LOL

Tempest I (3)

And look! A cardigan that actually BUTTONS all the way down for me!! WOO HOO!

Tempest I (7)

One of my favorite features is the buttons.

Tempest I Tempest I (1)

There’s a story behind them. I originally went to the same store where I bought the buttons for my Capitán Hat. I needed 14 buttons for this cardigan and I REALLY did not want to spend over $1 each, as is the norm in this store. So I’m looking and looking and that’s all I find. So an employee comes up to me and says, “Can I help you?” I said, “I need 14 buttons but I was trying not to spend over $1 each.” He actually SMIRKED at me and then said, “Try Lou Lou Buttons on 38th between 5th and 6th and walked away.” THE EFFIN BASTARD!!! I was beyond pissed. Rolled my eyes at him and said, “I sure WILL!” This older woman who was standing nearby had heard the entire conversation. She said, “What address did he say??” I told her and left.

I went to Lou Lou and let me tell you that the customer service was FANTASTIC. I browsed around a bit and finally asked the gentleman there for help. I pulled out my cardigan and he started pulling out buttons!! He said, “A knitter is an artist and the cardigan should express that. I suggest you use different colored buttons.” Damn, the dude was totally right! The older waoman showed up a few minutes afterwards and I asked her opinion on the colors. She says, “Oh, that’s a beautiful cardigan. I’m a Knitter also.” I felt that K needs to be capitalized in Knitter because she said it as if it were a proper name. I agree. From here on in, I feel as if I’ve graduated to a capital K so that’s what you’ll see! Knitter! But I digress….

So, Lou helped me pick out buttons. These are from Ecuador. They’re called Fruit of the Tree buttons made from Corozo Nuts. And guess what?? I GLADLY paid $1 each for these buttons. GLAD.LY!!! And I’ll be back for more. I suggest anyone in the New York area needing buttons go here, too. Eff that other place!!!

Back to Tempest: Altho the schematic on this pattern says the armhole for the size F is 14.5” and the garment stretches ALOT, I can’t wear anything under the sweater. I will have to use it with tank tops only. That’s fine, but it was an easy and fast enough knit that I would love to have another that I could wear over a T-shirt or a button down shirt w/long sleeves. So I started another using Lorna’s Laces, in a size larger!!!! (Grey’s Corner and Mineshaft colorways.)

Tempest II

All in all, this is a FANTASTIC pattern. I’ve never knit a cardigan so quickly. I mean, all you have to do is count STRIPES as opposed to counting rows. You’d be surprised as to how much time is saved by this!

Thanks for a great pattern, Weaverknits!

    Tempest Cardigan

  • Source: knitty
  • Yarn: Yarn Ahoy Laceweight Merino – a total of 975 yds (pattern calls for a total of 1,310 yds)
  • Colorways: Mirage and Overdyed Blacks
  • Needles: Size US3, 4 and 6
  • Cost: $28 per skein, Blacks colorway: 0.32 used of skein – $8.96, Mirage colorway: 0.46 used of skein – $12.88, 14 buttons from Lou Lou Buttons in NYC – $15.02 – TOTAL COST: $36.86 (not bad for a beautiful cardigan!!!)
  • Started: May 14, 2008
  • Finished: June 20, 2008
  • Size knit: F, 41″ chest
  • My gauge: 6 sts and 7 rows per inch
  • Mods: I was carrying the unused yarn from each stripe on the side of the knit. The pattern calls for the larger stripes to be 13 rows in this size. This would’ve had me changing colors on rows where the other color was NOT waiting to be picked up so I knit 14 row stripes instead. This worked out perfectly! I think if I would’ve done 13 row stripes the cardigan would’ve fit kind of short anyway, not to mention all those extra ends to weave in!

11 thoughts on “Tempest”

  1. Great job – love the colors! I’ll be adding that to my queue. Wish we had Lou Lous here. Maybe they have a website?

  2. Is that *the* button and trim store everyone on NYC seems to hit? It’s beautiful yes, but too rich for my blood! Ha ha!
    Holy crap I can’t believe you knit that thing so fast on such small needles. I’m struggling with a cardigan on size 6s!!

  3. You look great in that cardigan. The stripes make you look kinda preppy but in a laid back sorta way.

  4. That particular midtown trim/notions store is a mess. They get a “A” for high fashion buttons/trims, but a “D” on practical ones. And you already exposed their stellar customer service. I needed six buttons for a repair on some cargo pants and I spent almost $20. I paid little more than that for the pants on sale. ~ksp

  5. Rosi, That is awesome!! Love the buttons too! Good for you finding your new button shop! 🙂 I’m loving v.II even more…gosh, maybe I can wear stripes that way thanks to you! 🙂

  6. I love the Tempest. I think I would rather make mine with fingering weight too. I don’t dare START another project. This Knitter needs to finish some stuff. I love that my name came up as the security word AGAIN. I would love it my prize could be some soap, hint, hint, hint.

  7. Gurl yes I am the same way! @ storm in the water cup!

    I luv this “A Knitter is an artist” Sho ’nuff! And that is with the capital “K” thank you very much! :o)

    I love the colors on Tempest! You must really like it to do another one!

  8. I love how Tempest turned out. I think I will definitely be making this sweater. Not sure if I want to do it in fingering or laceweight, but I love it.

  9. That looks GREAT. What a fantastic job.

    I can’t believe the nerve of the guy at the first store. He deserves to lose your business, the other lady’s business, and everybody else’s business too. So glad you found a button guy who appreciates your artistic streak!

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