What?  Ya’ll don’t like my meme’s???  :PPPP

There.  I slobbered your screens.  😀

Do I need a contest to bring out ya’ll lurkers?  I know SOME people look at my blog.  I see the view count going up.  That’s all that matters to me.  I know ya’ll are out there.  Aight.  I’ll do a contest then.

Just post and I’ll pick a random winner and send ya’ll something nice in the mail.  From my stash of soap, yarn and scrub.

Speaking of stash, I’ve got MAJOR destash going on.  Go to Rav and check it out. I have all kinds of shit up there.  You’ll find something.  I promise!

There’s been a lot of knitting by me.  I joined the Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl KAL thingie, inspired by Karen (CooknKnit).   I chose Jojoland Harmony yarn from Little Knits (colorway #03).

Jojoland Harmony (3)

I’m loving it so far and it’s been my standard purse/train knitting.  I’m a few rows from finishing Clue 3.  Clue 5 comes out this weekend.  It’s my first circular shawl and it’s really given me understanding as to how they work.  I see more in my future.  Maybe a design or two.  This picture shows it with Clue 2 complete.

Goddess Anniversary Shawl - Clue 2 (1)

It’s also my first time using cobweb lace yarn.  It takes some getting used to but the results are worth it.

My movie knitting these days is Rusted Root using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in a NICE olive green.  Love it.  (This yarn is also from Little Knits.  Are ya’ll starting to see a trend here??)

Rusted Root

There’s more progress on it than that now too.  I’ve already finished the sleeves and I’m working down the body.  My favorite way to knit top-down garments is by finishing the sleeves as soon as I take them off the body stitches so that I can use whatever yarn is left on the body without worrying about having enough for the sleeves.

I have lots more to tell ya’ll but since ya’ll are being cheap with the comments I’m gonna hold off til ya’ll come out the woodwork so I can find out if my ass needs to shut down this blog and not share anymore soap with ya’ll heffas!!  :PPPP

More slobber.  😀

25 thoughts on “WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYBODY???”

  1. Dammit, Rosi, I JUST cleaned my monitor. Now it’s all slobbery. 😀

    I’m loving that circular shawl. I haven’t tackled one yet, but it’s probably in my future. The Jojoland is gorgeous.

    And I, too, am a Little Knits devotee. Sue rocks, and she’s TOTALLY cool in person, too.

  2. 🙄 How can I stay a lurker when I put in a comment?? 🙄

    LOVE your anniversary shawl! Your yarn choice looks fantastic! I’m using KnitPicks Oregon Coast Heather – my first circular shawl too! Bet you heard the cussing!! Still plugging away on Clue 3. I will finish – someday! 😉

  3. I do read your blog faithfully…but don’t post too often….love to see pictures of your knitting.

    Are you planning a trip back to Central PA? Let me know.

  4. Here I am, present and accounted for. Life’s been busy so comments have been scarce.
    Nice circular shawl I luv the yarn. ~ksp

  5. I always read your blogs and I love the olive green. Just another something to add to my birthday wish list.

  6. You know I read…I just don’t always have something to say. Thanks for not blaming me for your stash enhancement….but I’m sure that will be another post, yes? 🙂

  7. I always read your blog. I have a question … when you order yarn on-line, do you received matching or differencet colorways/lot numbers? I would love to order, but have a strong fear that the colorways/lot numbers will not match. Thanks. Jackie

  8. Oh cut it OUT. I totally could use some Cotton Fleece. That’s what I get for avoiding LK. That
    shawl is going to be purty.

  9. I read your blog all the time Rosi, but with KJ and trying to knit I rarely post comments. Life is just crazy. I miss getting together and knitting with you on Fridays.

  10. Let’s not get too hasty with the threats of witholding soap and knitting 😆 . I read your blog Rosie, but rarely comment. Consider this my de-lurking. Lovely shawl.

  11. It’s summer…I think people have lives or something…

    Someday I’ll try that cotton fleece. I’ll have to settle for my ghetto cotton fleece–TLC Cotton Plus 🙂

  12. Well damn, maybe I should hold a contest! I’m loving that JOJO land. I fell in love with it when Karen used it too. How do you wear a circular shawl any ole way?

  13. Hey Rosi!! I have been looking at your blog, and I even meant to do the MEME. However, I started practicing with my new band and all of the gigs and rehearsals have turned my schedule upside down and I barely have time to even read a blog, far less post a comment. I’m sorry sweetie. Plus I know it’s been ages since we’ve hung out. Miss U!!! By the way… one of the instrumentalists in my band was digging the photo meme from your blog. He is amazed that I have friends that can make stuff with their hands from scratch. So, no worries. You are getting Mucho amor en el Mundo!!! (Duh!!! I hope I said it right) Adios senorita!!

  14. OMG I love the green sweater you are making! I can’t wait to see it completed!!! It’s just beautiful!

  15. You missed my monitor, guess I’m too far away 😀

    I’m in on the Mystery Shawl too, but in a crazy moment I began it in #30 thread…

  16. Hi! I just popped over from Perchance to Knit, who is sending folks to some of her favorite blogs. I have a lengthy list of blogs that I read at random from time to time; if I read them all regularly I wouldn’t get to knit, would I? Love the Jojoland Harmony in progress. I think I have some of that and you are inspiring me to go find it and try it out. Keep on knitting!

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