Mine are even prettier!!

Well, since Cristi and May blogged about them, I figured it was HIGH TIME I did so, too!

A friend of mine from work found some NEAT handmade knitting tools online in an etsy shop.  When I went to take a peak, I fell in LURVE.  HARD!

I immediately placed a huge order.  Karatstix is the place to shop for fantastic one-of-a-kind tools.

Karatstix Knitting Tools

When I received them, I e-mailed the most wonderfully kind Karen and let her know that she hadn’t only created very useful knitting tools for me, but that these would probably be family heirlooms handed down through generations.  Shit, they’re made out of wood!!  They can’t break!  :o)

Karatstix Knitting Tools

I asked for a soap, socks and yarn theme and boy did she pull through!!  You see the tiny little bars of soap with the bubbles coming out?  SO CUTE!  I got some of them personalized, too.

I also love the way she packaged everything.  I ended up getting a crafter’s rule, a knitter’s rule, a 1-inch gauge square, a wraps-per-inch tool, the sock knitter’s set with the tiny sock blocker with needle sizes 0-4 and a 2″ cuff measurer.  I also got 8 yarn bobbins. All items are made from the light-colored bamboo.  She draws every design in by hand using colored pencils.

Karen was quite generous and also sent me 5 stitch markers to go with my set.

Karatstix Stitch Markers

Aren’t they cute???  The listing she put up with my items probably has clearer pictures.

Now, I had to wait a few weeks for these but it was worth the wait.  Go on over to her shop and send her an email.  She responds very quickly and will send you out a price list.  Once she has your order ready and you send payment, she ships out SUPER quick (cuz you know how us knitters be all anxious to get our shit!).  :o)

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  1. Those are both pretty and functional (although I have never done intarsia requiring bobbins). I love cutom handwork. ~ksp

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