Waddya mean it’s been two years??

going out (2)

Yup, G-Luc turned two on the 24th. My li’l man (pictured here with his big brother and daddy standing in the background). I swear, those of you with kids make sure you enjoy every single second when they’re small because time FLIES right by you!

Movie night!

This past Saturday night, we all decided to go to the movies to see The Mummy. G-Luc usually loves the movies. The whole family enjoys movies all week long so he’s used to it. But, we forgot to bring his bobo (a.k.a. binky, pacifier) and blankie so he would NOT. SHUT. UP. He wasn’t crying. He just wanted to chat (babble) with his siblings! LOL. And this was all during the previews. The theater was packed so I decided to just get up and take him for a walk.

Gian is bookshopping

I ended up having to leave the theater altogether and we went to Barnes and Nobles. We walked around and around looking at books and GL fell IN LOVE with this one book.

Gian is bookshopping (1)

We grabbed that one and a few more, headed to a table and sat there for over an hour while we played. I learned Saturday night that I have a VERY smart little boy on my hands. He knows way more than I thought he did. He recognizes most items, knows how to say the names of said things correctly and also counts to EIGHT!!!! God Bless my child and I hope he continues this way with his love of books.

I had SUCH a fun evening with him that I totally didn’t even mind that I didn’t see the movie! We had a grand time.

My girls

Sunday, I went to a new knitting group meetup in Park Slope. I took my girls with me. We had a grand time then, too. All in all, it was a fantastic weekend!!!

Rosi G.

Friday, the Ravelympics start. You choose a team (mine is team LSG for my favorite Ravelry group/forum, Lazy, Stupid and Godless). hehehehe

I can’t make up my mind if I should do the Sweater Sprint and start a February Lady Sweater or do the WIP Wrestling and finish up some of the shit I have on the needles!  Sigh…decisions, decisions…

12 thoughts on “Waddya mean it’s been two years??”

  1. Happy Birthday G-Luc. You’re right about the kids grow up fast thing. It seems like you were pregnant just last year. Its really been that long?

  2. Sigh. Yes, they grow up too fast. I’m convinced Chunky ate my baby.

    Cute pictures of him at the bookstore. I’m a cheapass and don’t buy toys for the kid outside of birthday and xmas…but I will buy him books he wants! Hee hee!

  3. Happy B-day G-Luc!! Same day as my niece!!

    Gurl I almost thought you had some needles on your lap there in the movies! ;o)

    @ Ravelympics – now you know whatever you choose to do you will be DONE before the 17 days! Haha!!

  4. Un Hoy bien vivido hace que cada Ayer sea un sueño de felicidad y cada Mañana una visión de esperanza. Te mereces toda una vida de mañanas preciosas.
    FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Te quiero mucho…….

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