RYC #4: Buttons!

After seeing Cristi’s fly ass Central Park Hoodie, for which she deserves a round of applause, I was on the hate-orade.  (HI, NORMA!!!)  Realizing that my own CPH was sitting there only needing the freakin button and buttonhole bands, I whipped it out and got to it last night.  I hope to finish it this week.  Here’s an old pic of Alex modeling it for me:

Central Park Hoodie

The sleeves and hood are done.  I went button shopping yesterday cuz, more hate-orade, I realized the buttons I had were cheap shits that wouldn’t do my CPH justice.  I bought two sets of 6 buttons:

Buttons for CPH

The top ones are flat, more ornate.  The bottom ones have a little peak in the middle (not flat).  I can’t decide!


Which button for my CPH?

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17 thoughts on “RYC #4: Buttons!”

  1. I like the top row ones, I think the swirl pattern is beautiful and you can see the details in the button more on these than on the others.

  2. Top row too. They’re snazzy…

    But you realize you’re gonna have to model your CPH *in* CP right? 😉

  3. Hey..well I like them both, but going with the bottom row. Howevah! I wish I had your button shops!! I will be needing some silver buttons for my FLS. I’m jealous!

  4. It seems everyone is divided. I think ultimately you will have to make the final decision. My vot eis for the bottom row of buttons, but honestly you can’t go wrong with either one!

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