Time Passes

Well, well, well.  I can’t believe it’s been a couple of weeks since the last time I wrote.  Where DID the time go?

I’ve been knitting away on various projects of which I’ll start showing pictures over the next week or so.  In the meantime, let’s talk about other finished objects:  SOAPS!


I went on a soaping frenzy this weekend.  6 batches chock full of palm oil and shea butter.  I had lots of fun with these batches as you can see by the pictures.  I decided to do 3 of them as pie wedges.  They’re all on the drying rack now BUT don’t worry!!  Here’s your chance to get some!

Soaps (1)

I’m selling off 25 bars from these as follows.

  • Almond – 8 bars
  • Chai Tea – 4 bars
  • Cucumber Vanilla – 4 bars
  • Sunset – 3 bars
  • Raspberries n Violets – 3 bars
  • Seashore – 3 bars

Each bar weighs from 4.5 to 5 oz.  I’m selling each for $5 plus shipping or buy 4 bars and get free shipping.  BUT HURRY!!  It’s first come, first serve and most of these never last as these are the customer favorites!!  One of my coworkers is already talking about the Almond and Seashore since these are her and her hubby’s favorites!  😀

ETA:  I’M AN IDIOT SORRY!!  To order, email me at soapy DOT knitter AT gmail DOT com (replace the DOTs and AT with . and @)

ETA AGAIN:  This is what is left as of 11 am EST:

  • Cucumber Vanilla – 3
  • Sunset – 2
  • Raspberries n Violets – 2


Hey, did you guys realize that RHINEBECK and SAFF are right around the corner????  This will be my first year at SAFF.  I’m SO EXCiteD!  can ya’ll TELL???  SQUEEEEEEeeeeeEEEE!

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  1. That’s no fair, they stopped us from going online at work and Comcast was pissing me off and keeps shutting off because of the rain. I want a do over.lol

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