Cable-Down Raglan

About two weeks ago, Necia asked me about that Stefanie Japel sweater I was making.  Did I ever finish it?  Well, no I hadn’t then but she inspired me to take it back out and finish it up!

Cable Down Raglan (1)

The Cable-Down Raglan.  It sat in my WIP basket for almost a year because it needed sleeves.  The sleeves only really took about a week.

Cable Down Raglan

Aren’t they beautiful??  I really like that this sweater gives me a waist:

Cable Down Raglan (2)

Sorta.  HAHAHA!!  The yarn.  Let me tell you about the yarn.  I bought this Shelridge Farm W-4 yarn last year at Rhinebeck.  It’s UNBELIEVABLY soft as you knit it up.  Wonderful to work with.  Semi-solid, altho you can’t tell in the picture.  But when I soaked it (I used grapefruit Eucalan and some Snuggle Fabric Softener), maaaaaan, oh man.  This thing got even SOFTER!!  It was such a pleasure to wear this all day yesterday.  It put me in a never-ending good mood.  I felt sexy and soft.

The sweater is a definite head-turner, IMHO.  The cables are gorgeous and fun to knit.  Match that with the wonderful yarn and this sweater will be worn well this winter!

Cable Down Raglan (3)

Cable-Down Raglan

  • Source: Interweave Knits, Spring 2007
  • Size: 41″ bust
  • Yarn: Shelridge Farm W-4 (I used 7.52 skeins, 1504 yds I miscalculated.  I only used 5.83 skeins, 1166 yds)
  • Color: Autumn Orange
  • Needles: US 6
  • Cost: at $12 per skein, for a grand total of $69.96, this is hands-down the most expensive sweater I’ve made to date. But I find it well-worth it.
  • Started: November 1, 2007
  • Finished: September 29, 2008
  • Mods: I made changes to how I did the raglan increases.  You can read about them here.

16 thoughts on “Cable-Down Raglan”

  1. Va Va Va Voom! Whoa! I LOVES the look on you. It sure does look more red in the picture than it did in person if I remember correctly. I think I will have to get that color this year at RB.
    Tho I didn’t use mine from RB that i got LAST year!

  2. I love the sweater in that yarn — the color goes so well with the pattern. Robin’s egg blue wasn’t quite doing it for me, but I like it in red.

  3. Beautiful!!

    I like the way the boobie panels are plain. Cuz you know the last thing you need is vineage on your girls.

  4. Very nice. I luv Sheldridge Farms yarn. They are on my places to stalk list for Rhinebeck. Lovely sweater. I don’t ever think I could pull off the 3/4″ sleeve.

  5. I’m so jealous. That sweater looks great on you and here I am taking almost two years to finish one lousy sweater. I just don’t get alogn with full sized knitted garments. You’ve inspired me to try and seam up the never ending sweater ….again.

  6. This sweater is absolutely gorgeous, and it is a great fit on you. Very corporate and professional, yet sexy at the same time. Woohoo!!!

    OK, Shell Ridge Farm will be my first stop at Rhinebeck. Don’t skip me in line sweetie!! LOL!!

  7. Gurl that sweaterlicious!! And perfect fit!! Looks like you luvin’ it!
    And I am shocked you splurged on yourself with the F.O. as you usually find awesome finds on great yarns! Good for you!!!

  8. Whoa dang, gurl, you are on fire with that sweater! I liked the sweater when I saw it in Glampyre’s book, but I wasn’t sure it would look good on a girl with girls, but you have made it work! I might have to reconsider my position on this sweater. It is dead sexy on you! I love it!

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