12 thoughts on “Y TEH PRINTR DOESNT WERK”

  1. I’m laughing so hard that I can barely see what I type because of the tears running down my face. That cat has a vicious attack-paw 🙂 🙂 🙂 I also love the way s/he got up on her/his hindlegs to impress the printer 🙂

    Now I’m off to my blog to leave a linkypoo to this post 🙂

    Cheers Eva – who’s still laughing her head off

  2. OMG I am laughing so hard!!! My cat Tyler attacks the vacuum cleaner the same way (minus the prairie dog thing). He’ll go after paper, books, magazine pages… I don’t understand why he seems so highly offended by these things!

  3. Awesome… simply awesome. I hope you have appropriately warned any intruders that you have a REAL attack cat on the premises!

  4. rofl… to funny. My cat acts strange when the printer runs too. She will run from anywhere in the house when she hears it, to be close to it.

  5. Oh that’s too funny! Around here the cat just climbs on top of hte printer and SITS there while nibbling delicately on the lucky bamboo next to it. But she’s such a coward that if the printer started making a noise, she’d probably hide under the couch for a week!

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