Coño! Que mierda!

Cristi inspired me to knit a Striped Tomato.  I was here:


But you see this?


That’s my beginning of round.  With those UGLY ASS jogs.  Me cago en na!

A-rippin’ I went.  It’s back near the neckline edge now.  Coño!

7 thoughts on “Coño! Que mierda!”

  1. Bummer!!! But you know it would have bugged you! Fabulous colors and the way you knit, you’ll be back there again in no time! 🙂

  2. Girl, I thought I explained that I can cook latino and dance latino but my understanding is limited….therefore I had to call my translator to find out what mierda meant. That being said nothing you do looks like crap and I know it’s going to end up beautiful as usual.

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