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One of my favorite things about Linda at The Yarn Tree is how much she is into helping those less fortunate.   Even Tano loves Linda.  She helps him pick out yarn for me when he wants to give me yarnie gifts.  Here is her latest endeavor – if anyone would like to contribute, instructions are down below.

I’m having a drawing for a Rosi G. knitterly and soaperly goodie bag for everyone who donates. $5 will put your entry into a drawing. $10 would automatically get you 3 entries.

After you donate, simply email me your full name (that you used to donate, in case you have several AKA’s) – send email to rosigarmendia@gmail.com – please put LINDA’S CAUSE in the re: line or your email may not go thru.

First, I want to say Thank You to everyone for their good wishes for my trip to India!
It is really a lovely thing to have such great support from all of you!

The trip to India was a great success. While there I worked with the differently-abled youth of the Aranya Natural Dye Unit in Munnar, Kerala. This was in southern India. I went there to help solve the problems they were having with the use of Cochineal, an insect that produces beautiful red dye.
They were getting pale plums and not the vibrant reds possible. I was able to resolve the problem and give them formulas for a brilliant red and a deep blue red. We then moved on to madder, a root that gives orange, and I taught them how to change the ph to get crimson, garnet and aubergine. They are now calling these the “Super Colors”!

I am getting ready for yet another service trip and this one will be to Ruhengeri, Rwanda. I have been invited by True Vineyard Ministries (www.truevineyard.org)
to lend my expertise in fiber/yarn and work with 10 genocide widows in both spinning and the art of natural dyeing. There is much dyestuff available in the region, several varieties of eucalyptus, mushrooms and even marigolds. When I was in India I learned how to make a safe, natural black and I will be sharing this with the women as well. The end product for the yarn these women spin and dye will be rugs that will then be available for sale. The women have each been given a sheep to care for by the ministry, a man who was a shepherd before the genocide has been hired to help the women to learn to care for the sheep and he also does the shearing.

There will be photos of the women, their yarn and even one of the sheep in a few days. As soon as the page is live I will e-mail the link.

I will be leaving for Rwanda on June 26th and returning to Brooklyn on July 11th.

The ministry will be booking my plane ticket in about three weeks. I need to raise $5000.00 for this trip. This money will cover all costs, including airfare, meals, accommodations, in country transportation, translators, etc. Although I am planning bake sales and tag sales and a fund-raising talk I am appealing to all of you reading this newsletter to please donate – if 500 people donate 10 dollars the money has been raised.

Here is how you can donate:
You can make your check payable to True Vineyard Ministries with my name, Linda LaBelle, down on the memo section.
Your financial gift is 100% tax deductible.

It can be sent to:
True Vineyard Ministries, Inc.
102 Wonder World Dr., Ste. 304-112
San Marcos, TX 78666

You can also donate through directly through True Vineyard’s website, here is the link:

On the page you will notice a space that says “other” please put in honor of Linda LaBelle and not for Linda LaBelle’s trip as the money then comes in as designated funds and is not as easy for it to be tax deductible for the contributor.

You can also send checks directly to The Yarn Tree, please be sure to make the check payable to True Vineyard Ministry.
The Yarn Tree
P.O. Box 110598
Brooklyn, NY 11211

I thank you in advance for your consideration in assisting me with this endeavor to help these widows and their children.

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me:


2 thoughts on “A great cause I came across”

  1. Thanks for the information re a LYS in NYC. I leave for my weekend visit to NYC this evening and I’m making plans to visit the store tomorrow when it opens at 12:00. I’ll tell Linda about your referral and I’ll leave a donation. Thanks once again Jackie.

  2. Some people from our church did a trip to Rwanda, and it was a very powerful experience. Being able to help these women is such a wonderful thing… I’ll let you know when I send my donation.

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