A Little Nightcap

Once the summer is on it’s way, I like to keep my hair curly.


It’s a chore for me to set my hair in rollers every week and then sit under a dryer.  Ever since Cristi taught me how to use a diffuser two years ago, it has been even easier to maintain curly.  The only problem I had was for sleeping.  I didn’t like that my curly hair would sometimes get all knotted up at night.  I toss and turn a lot. I have several tight handmade crochet hair nets to sleep with when I wrap my hair when it’s straight.  I bought a loose one at the beauty supply to try on my curly hair and it started unraveling after just a few uses.

So, in comes A Little Nightcap.

Hair net 1

Perfect for keeping my hair in curls at night with no knots in the morning.

Hair net 5

I am a happy camper!  You can make it small enough for a bun net, too.

bun net

The nets stay in place because you hem in either a snagless (no metal) headband for the slumber cap or a ponytail elastic for the bun net.  It can also double as a quick cute cap to run to the store with if your hair is not done on any given day.  :o)

Hair net 2

A special thank you to Sara (BaconPony on Rav) for helping me name my cap and winning one knit by me in the process.

A Little Nightcap

  • A Rosi G. design.  Ravel it for your free pattern download.
  • Sizes: Slumber cap and bun net
  • Yarn: fingering weight, shown in Hazelknits Artisan Sock
  • Yardage: 50 yds for bun net, 150 yds for slumber cap, more if you need a larger cap
  • Color: Chocolatier
  • Needles: US 3, 5, 7, 8, and 9
  • Gauge: not important
  • Cost: slumber cap: $7.50, bun net: $2.18
  • Started and finished: Bun net takes about 1.5 hours tops, slumber cap maybe 2.5 hours

14 thoughts on “A Little Nightcap”

  1. Ha! Guess you got tired of waiting for me to figure it out, eh? hee! It looks fantastic! I should try one for my curly hair. Wonder if it would work to keep my curls in check over night.

  2. ” A Little Nightcap”. Why didn’t I think of that! The whole idea is genius. Thank you for this. Big Kiddo with her curly mop can really use this.

  3. Great pattern. ‘Specially for us curly tops. I definitely have to wear something that doesn’t break my hair off and I think I have some silk in the stash that fits the bill.

  4. Chica, have I told you lately I love you. You know exactly what I need for my hair. I can’t wait to make one. Thank you

  5. Thanks so much for posting the Little Nitecap. I know my two older daughters would love these as gifts. And btw, you have a beautiful complexion.

  6. I need something like this for my daughter. She has long straight hair but gets terrible bedhead. She’s been asking me to make her a nightcap lately, but I think she was thinking of the old floppy conical ones you see in old movies. I wonder how this would work for straight hair…

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