Some people have NO tact!

Just before I released the Little Rosi cardigan pattern, I requested some folks to test knit it. I am usually very giving of my patterns and end up giving away a bunch of them so I had more test knitters than usual on this one. But, this time, that method has bit me in the ass.

To say that I was appalled and embarrassed to read the comments posted in this person’s project on Ravelry is putting it mildly. The person literally TRASH talked my pattern but in a very demeaning way. It even sounds somewhat personal, although I have NO idea who this person is nor have I ever had any dealings with her NOR HAS SHE EVER PURCHASED MY PATTERN.

I’m at a loss of what to do.  As a designer, I know one has to have thick skin because tastes vary and some people will hate your pattern while others will love it.  I’ve dealt with all negative comments fine up until this one.  This one just takes the cake.

Click this link to the project on Rav to read the comments.

Here’s a clip of her comments for those of you who do not have Rav access:

little rosi slam

54 thoughts on “Some people have NO tact!”

  1. Wow! That was awful! Why would anyone do something like that???

    I, like mwknitter, came over here because I thought that was a very nice design so I wanted to see what else you had created. Don’t let the turkeys get you down!!!

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  3. I’m appalled at the name this person named her project.

    I agree with everything everyone here said in the comments section here. I’m just thoroughly amazed no one has left any comment on the woman’s project. Or perhaps they have, and she’s just deleted them.

    I, too, wonder about the ethics of the intended test knitter, and agree thoroughly that if either of them had a problem with the pattern, the smart thing to have done would have been to contact you directly rather than air their gripes in public. I’m still poised and may comment to that affect. But I’m sure it’d be deleted.

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