3 thoughts on “Patterns now on sale!!!”

  1. The Tempo vest is on my must-knit list. Every time I see it, I want to cast on, but I have to finish some holiday and birthday knitting first…

  2. Hi Rosi,
    I am knitting your Capitan Hat for my partner … however, I have knit and ripped out the brim 5 times (literally)and am losing my mind. I know I’m doing something wrong – that’s obvious – but I can’t figure it out. One question I have is: when you say “PU 2 sts on the CO row” do you mean to pick up those stitches from the body of the hat’s row (the actual first cast on row)? or do you mean from the brim cast on row, itself.

    I’m sorry to bother you with this but after knitting for way over 25 yrs, I cannot let this brim get the best of me … Please help???

    I’m Roseann152 on Ravelry and I thank you for any input you are willing to give me.

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