Interweave Knits Spring 2010

Their preview is up. Wow, I haven’t been this excited about an issue in quite some time.

  • the stole is gorgeous – WANT.
  • i would make and wear the pink tee.
  • the double v cardigan also would make and wear.
  • the bag is really cute altho i dont like to use those.
  • the purple twilight pullover is BEAUTIFUL – that model is freakin hot too.  i love her.  she’s my fave.  /end lesb moment.  :o)
  • love the beret.
  • i feel like i’ve seen that seaweed cardigan – albeit with a diff lace pattern.
  • camisole – no.
  • hood tunic – meh.
  • that blanket IS beautiful.
  • i’m gonna make tano that cardigan since i shrunk one of his sweaters.  LOL
  • the transverse cardi makes me want to fix it cuz it looks lopsided.  that’s my ADD showing.
  • audrey’s cardigan – love.
  • ringlet tank – would totally make and wear.
  • jellyfish bag – nope.
  • betty’s tee is a maybe.
  • tissue cardigan is a maybe.
  • mona’s cardigan – erm, no.
  • hopscotch jumper – ugh, no.
  • wassabe peas socks – hell yes.
  • corona camisole – bleh.

What’s your opinion of this issue?

2 thoughts on “Interweave Knits Spring 2010”

  1. I think that Tissue Cardigan would be the only thing I’d knit. And I’d modify the sleeves. I don’t like the puffy wrists. Other than that, as always, I’m digging VK’s preview more.

    What’s up with the mohair this season? Blech!

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