Doggies and Their Treats

My friend Reese recently launched a small start-up business making homemade dog treats — called Happy Day Barkery. They use all natural, human grade food in the treats, with a heavy emphasis on organic ingredients that are free from preservatives and antibiotics. So far, the feedback from owners (and dogs…) has been really terrific.

Below is the link to their website, where you can order online. Log on…. and buy a bag or two… because you want a happy dog. Because you want to encourage entrepreneurs and creative endeavors. Or just to support a great small business.

If you do place an order, please leave a comment and forward your order to me.  Depending on how much you order, I am offering your choice of my patterns for free as “thank you.” :o) You may get 1, 2 or 5 free patterns as a result – your choice of course. 😉

Don’t want a pattern?  Prefer soap?  Well, let me know if you want a bar of my soap instead and I’ll give it to Reese to toss in with your order!  It’s people soap, so you can have a treat, too.

SAVE ON SHIPPING!!  If you’re in the NYC area and would want to pick up the treats from me, do let me know and we can set something up.

I can tell ya Chloe really loves these treats. You see this face? This face has learned to smile and come running at the sound of a Happy Day Barkery treats bag being shaken and unzipped!  And for you wise-asses in the crowd, I mean CHLOE’s face, not Alex’s. 😛

Chloe's 1st day home 2-14-10 18

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