Any gardeners out there?

Hi, everyone.

Spring is coming soon and we have 3000 sq ft of backyard (and a few feet in front, too) to clean and fix up.  We have NO IDEA what we are doing.  So I hope you all don’t mind if we pick your brains.  I promise to share progress pictures!  😀

This is the backyard now.  The little wooden shed is not ours.  That’s the neighbors.  Their dead stuff is growing over into our yard so I’m sure we have to ask permission to cut off what’s hanging over onto our side, right?



The yard is full of these little “sticks.”

Sticks in yard

First thing’s first, how do we clean it up?

What machine can we use that can cut off/pull up all of those sticks?

We want to clean it all up and start with a fresh slate.  Later, we would like part of the yard to be concrete (to park the car and draw hopscotch on, of course!) and the rest will be grass.  We would love to plant bushes and flowers along the perimeter.

We are keeping the huge tree in back but need to cut down that dead thing covered in ivy in front.  How do we cut that tree down?  LOL

As you guys can see, we need ALOT of help!!!

13 thoughts on “Any gardeners out there?”

  1. You guys have your work cut out for you. I would find a landscaper and then maintain. Good luck!

  2. If you can afford to pay someone for a cleanup, do it. You’ll thank me later,, trust me. In regards to the “tree”, if its not tall you can do it yourself but your gonna have trouble with the stump. If its too tall (I’d say taller than 15 feet), your probably going to be better off with a tree removal service, but price them first.

    Those sticks in the last pic,, I hope for your sake its not bamboo,, again ask me how I know. Your probably better off trying to clear out a section at a time, makes it doable, and with warmer weather coming,, the ground wont be so hard. Would make for the perfect weekend project for the next few coming up, as long as the weather holds out. I’m by no way an expert, but I think you’ll need some sort of roto-tiller for those sticks (or a garden weasel, lol). Are you planning to seed it or lay sod down? Or maybe a small section for a garden? I can look up and forward some sites to you if you are interested.

    Best part is, once your done,, there is nothing like knitting in your own backyard!

  3. I wish I had some words of wisdom, but we’re rockin’ a white trash fugly back…well, I wouldn’t even call it a yard. More like a backlotofcrap. But if you need help growing weeds and mossy sh*t, we appear to do that really, really, really well. 😛

  4. I don’t think that is bamboo, but I could be wrong. If am I, I feel your pain LOL. I agree though, don’t try do the clearing on your own. It is a lot of work and very exhausting. It would be better to save your energy for the exciting things. Like planting and growing parts ;).

    You should also have a veggie garden. \o/

  5. You buy yourself a sh*tload of garden waste bags at Home Despot/Lowes/wherever. Then you engage those offspring to get down on it. This is why we have kids right? For household manual labor! 😉

    But if that doesn’t work, I like the idea of hiring a professional to clean it out–but then you do the maintenance.

  6. agree with the landscaper advice. if you want to keep the big tree you make have it trimmed so that you can grow grass. if those sticks are bamboo, the grow like weeds! welcome to home ownership ; ). can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!

  7. Yeah that looks like bamboo to me too. Not good news. I’m not even sure how to get rid of it, but I do know that it’s a tuber plant and it can run pretty far across the lawn, just under the surface, to shoot up elsewhere. So you’ll have your work cut out for you for a while.

  8. Hi,Hope you don’t mind a newbie butting in. I accidently found your site and couldn’t resist you or your dilemma.You-very fun,dilemma,not so much but here goes. 30 years ago I bought my first and only house (getting a mortgage for a single women raising two kids was no easy task to begin with)I also bought two large lots with it. I spent the entire summer every weekend-I work-haulin,choppin, diggin and rakin.81 bags of leaves alone. I chopped down huge oak trees, hand dug the stumps,hauled them to the land-fill in my car one at a time. Fineally, a clean slate. I built a long curved berm on one side of the lots useing some of the branches. It is 60feet long,8feet wide and about 5feet high. Went to Conn. and bought beautiful marble streaked boulders for hardscape.Went to Home Depot for one gallon shrubs and mucho flats of flowers. On the other side I bought 24-1 gallon sized hemlocks for a privacy screen from neighbors view. Summer ended,I planted tons of spring bulbs.200 daffodils,175 tulips. Next spring I had gorgeous daffs–the squirels ate the tulips.DON”T PLANT TULIPS!!!!I now have two small ponds with water-lilys and a pretty nice yard to come home to at night. The work to keep it up is never ending and I am now 72 (just about ending,LOL.) But soooooooooo worth every back breaking hour and the labor was free. You go girl. You can get it done.

  9. You sure have your work cut out. I would probably get someone in to give you some ideas for designing your ideal garden as well as cleaning it up.

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