18 thoughts on “Nice mailbox!”

  1. Holy Crap that is just silly-I can’t believe they won’t deliver your mail…I hope it all gets worked out for you soon!!

  2. That’s crazy! I hope it gets resolved soon. I had a problem when I lived in Pittsburgh in which the postal carrier would drop off mail, but not pick up any outgoing mail. I was told that the purpose of the USPS was to deliver mail and that they only picked up outgoing mail “as a courtesy”, and if the carrier didn’t feel like taking it, he/she didn’t have to. Okaaaaay…

  3. That is so completely stoopid. I can’t believe they won’t just freaking walk 12 steps up to the house to deliver your mail. Good for you for going to the news! I hope it embarrasses them into doing their job!

  4. Please do keep us posted on this story. I love how their “post office” story keeps changing as to to the reason why they can’t deliver the mail.

  5. If Nina Peneda can walk up those damn steps as pregnant as she is, the postman can do the same! Oh and you looked gorgeous! I’ll be watching for the update.

  6. Unreal!! Especially since they used to slide the mail in the door before!! It was nice though to see you and hear you! Hope it gets solved soon!!

  7. Omg! I have just seen this as I was away in Nashville visiting my sister. I cannot believe what I just read. They are having a laugh. Good for you getting on their case.

    RESPECT – by Aretha Franklin 🙂

    I hope it gets resolved very quickly.

    You have my support on this. Keep me informed.

  8. New to your blog and knitting, just curious has this been resolved? That is stupid that they won’t walk up to your door. Tryana act like it’s all brand new, buncha BS.

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