12 thoughts on “Before & After”

  1. OMG! It looks AMAZING! I saw you posted that you were thinking about it, and I couldn’t even imagine you with short hair, but it looks SO GOOD!!!

  2. Girl, I love the cut. I wish I was that brave. I get nervous when I go for a trim.lol Does hubby like it?

  3. You have the face for that short cut. You look beautiful as always. Congratulations on your liberation. Let freedom ring.

  4. I LOVE your hair! I know what you mean about feeling “liberated”! I cut my hair off short his summer…in the dead-heat of the summer. I felt totally liberated not wasting time trying to straighten my hair every morning, only to have it frizzed out and curly by 10am. Now I hop out of the shower, put in a little anit-frize cream…run my fingers through the wet hair and I’m off for the day!

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