Man v. Woman

Tano:  I need something from GNC.

Me: Speak to Necia cuz she knows where to get that stuff for good prices.

Tano:  No.  I have to get the Super Speshul Snowflake Will Make Me He-Man Protein Powder.

Me: So??  She can get that same powder some place else.  Send her a chat.

Tano:  Fine.

::::::insert pause as he chats with Necia ::::::

Tano:  I’m sticking with GNC cuz I like GNC.

Me:  Well, I like my local yarn store too but I can’t afford to shop there anymore!!!!

Tano:  One day soon you will again.

::::::insert pause where Necia separately breaks the news to me in another chat that she won’t be able to find him the same thing elsewhere::::::

…….I still haven’t replied back to Tano because Woman cannot tell man his Protein wins over my Yarn!!!  :PPPPP

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