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The humans, they have gone mad.  They leave the domicile for hours at a time.  They return laden with many bags.  The larger humans wait until their spawns have gone to sleep.  Then they bring out giant rolls of colored paper of some sort and begin to wrap this paper around oddly shaped and numerous boxes.

Krismas Kitty (1)

They’ve put up a fake tree in the main living area of the domicile.  They have hung large baubles on the tree to disguise the smell of plastic.  They think they are fooling me into believing I am home in the wild, where I truly belong.  It is not working.  I, Small Tiger, can detect the imposter tree without much effort.

I have decided to play along with their games.  I have created a cave from the covered boxes.  The humans look for me while I watch them from my vantage point.  They will never find me here.  MUAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

Krismas Kitty (3)