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I’ve been slacking!

No posts for a week! ACK! Lots has been going on. I decided to start my Xmas shopping AT LAST! So I went to Toys R Us yesterday and picked up 4 Big Bratz Babyz for several girlies on my list (including my own two). They’re so cute! I still have LOTS of shopping to do and I don’t think it can wait until after my BUST show as I had planned. So this weekend will be holiday shopping weekend.
We also did a grab bag amongst myself and 3 friends at work. I started knitting my person’s gift already. From the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Nation book. I received the book the night we chose the names and immediately saw the perfect gift for that person! She’s gonna love it cuz it looks JUST LIKE HER!!! HA!

Back at work….

Back at work after that long Thanksgiving weekend. All I did was knit!! I would’ve lovedto continue my knitting spree!

But I had to come back….ah well. Dragging my feet.

As soon as I can fix these pix from my camera, I’ll post a pic of my new sweater.