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FOs, EOs, UFOs…

I just recently joined a knitting forum which I absolutely ADORE!! Wonderful place and warm group of people. What’s funny is that my soaper’s mind is getting VERY confused!!!

A lot of the same acronyms used in soapmaking are also used on the knitting forum. For instance, FO to a soapmaker means Fragrance Oil. But to a knitter it means Finished Object!! LOL

Too funny!!!

Greetings, folks!!!

Welcome to Rosi G.’s new blog. I bet you’ve never heard of a Soapy Knitter….

I am a soapmaker who also loves to knit. Here I will post updates on all of my ongoing knitting AND soaping projects for your reading pleasure…I hope! Check back often to see what’s going on in this Soapy Knitter’s life.