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Birthday week: Part Deux

We left off at the Noontime Knitters.  After a fun afternoon of cupcakes and beading, I went off to Knit Night with the Park Slope Knitters group that I’ve recently been attending.  I have finally, FINALLY found a local group that I really like.  Here are Norma and Marta chillin.

Norma and Marta at Knit Nite

Then we were busy running our mouths and fingers were flying while Esmie snapped some pix.

Busy bees

Whenever I’m with these ladies, I laugh my ass off so I end up half-hoarse most of the time.  LOVE EM!!!!!!!

And, guess who’s also a member?!

Maria demonstrates spinning

Maria aka The ShizzKnit!!  Imagine my surprise when Maria walks in.  I was like, “Hey!!!  I know you!!!”  She said her name was Maria but I was like nope…doesn’t ring a bell.  I said what’s your tag on the forums.  The minute she said ShizzKnit, it all clicked.  When I said Rosi G., she immediately said OOOH Necia and Chante!!!!  :o)  She remembered.   HEHEHEHE

On Friday, I went to the 2nd Annual Men Stink and Work Sucks BBQ at a friend’s house in NJ.  We all take the day off from work and have a girls’ day.  Lots of food, talk, and, of course, DRINK!!!  WOO HOO!!!  I was EXHAUSTED by the time I got home that evening and promptly fell asleep.

Saturday, I took the kids school shopping and afterwards met up with Norma and Marta at Applebee’s for a birthday dinner.  YUMMMMM!!  I loves me some Applebee’s!!!

At Applebees with the Girls

We wandered around Brooklyn later and sat at an outdoor Cafe knitting and chatting.

Well, that’s the end of my birthday week!  I had LOTS and LOTS of fun and it will DEFINITELY be a very memorable birthday, one of the happiest of my life, thanks to all my friends.