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Photo Shoot!

I’ve been busy! Can ya tell? I want to start so many new projects that I thought it’d be important to finish off some of those WIPs I’ve had sitting on my bars.

First up: the Portland Pullover from IK Fall 2006. I’m not crazy about the fit. It’s definitely for one of those super cold days when you want to wear something OVER your turtleneck. Plus it’s mohair…and it’s NOT Suri Dream so it’s scratchy as all get out. Last time I use La Gran Mohair for a garment.

Portland Pullover - Front Portland Pullover - Back

Totally TubularNext up: Totally Tubular! I had this thing sitting in my WIP pile for almost a year now! I needed to get it OFF my list! I think it was the oldest WIP…either that or the freakin fleck socks! It’s OBVIOUSLY not meant for me as it doesn’t fit! HA! It was meant for another friend who got sort of distant so I scratched that idea and offered it to my Comadre (Gian’s Godmother) Auris. I showed it to her unfinished, she liked it, so it gave me some inspiration to finish it. Once I present it to her I’ll post a pic of her wearing it as it will look much nicer on her petite form.

Finished Baby HoodieDiagonal Baby BlanketHere’s the Baby Hoodie all assembled now! Thanks to the tips from the Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques. Also, Gian modelling the Diagonal Baby Blanket that I never got to post a proper picture of.

My So Called ScarfModelling LaurenA new pic of My So Called Scarf. And finally a pic of me modelling (COUGH) Lauren’s Clapotis. 😀

BTW: Necia had asked in a comment if I’d made any mods to the Clapotis. The only mod I made was that I did two less repeat of Section 2 increases. I did all 13 repeats of the straight section. Once I block it, we’ll know what size it REALLY is!

You never forget…

When you learn how to do something you love, you very rarely forget how to do it. I never liked to ride a bike too much, hence, I forgot! But sewing! Ahh, I loved sewing. Still do. I was being lazy and was asking Blind Man to make some covers for my yarn cart for me. I have been wanting that Lantern Moon Sea Grass basket tower that has the muslin covers but was hesitant to drop the cash on it when I could spend that cash on yarn! So, we started with this:


About 5 yards of fabric, 6 yards of elastic and 5 hours later, we ended up with:


Waddya think?? I know it doesn’t look as hot as the Lantern Moon ones but it uses up something I already had here in the house (saved money!!) and it has WHEELS! WHEEEEE!

IMG_1626.JPGOn knitting news, the other day after I finished the Dancing Socks, I cast on for a baby hoodie that I’d been wanting to make Gian. I decided that instead of converting to the round like I usually do, I would make this sweater in pieces as the pattern reads and then use the techniques shown in “How to Become an Expert Knitter.” I want to master these techniques because they look like they would make a beautiful garment!

After all that sewing (not to mention a few Peechie Nappies (Fuzzy Navels)), I looked similar to this:


By the way, is there anyone that owns the book Learn to Knit Socks and would like to take over my half finished fleck socks? I’ll send you the yarn, the started project plus some handmade soap! 😀

Happy Monday!!

WOW What a way to welcome in the first day of my maternity leave and a MONDAY at that!!! First thing this morning, post man rings my doorbell bearing a cute little box with the FANCIEST set of needles you shall EVER see!! These things look fabo! Of course, I dug in IMMEDIATELY. I’m an organization freak and I had to fix it all up in its beautiful black binder. (I used to be a big fan of daytimers until palm pilots came along!) I love it! I know that I can go to staples and pick up any extra pockets I may need (or probably just place a yarn order from KP…. LOL)

I haven’t used any needles yet cuz I have to see what I want to cast on for first. 😀

Picture 003.jpg But one tip I can suggest is to get the needle ID tags, remove all the needles from the cardboard thingie it comes in, and place a big needle, a small needle and their corresponding ID tags into the 3 pocket ziplock things. It’s much easier than fighting with the little elastic things holding down the needles on the cardboard.
Picture 004.jpg
Picture 005.jpgHere are the Angora Baby Booties for GL. These were sooo easy to make! One evening is all it took. Couple of hours. Yarn is from webs. I had some left over and now I wanna order a couple more skeins to make a scarf with the rest of this. It’s unbelievably soft!

Baudelairesocks.jpgThe Baudelaire socks are marching along nicely. I’m up to the gusset increases. This is going to be a wonderful heel that I’ll probably use in other toe-up socks I might make. I ended up ripping back to where the lace pattern started because the fact that I screwed it up was EATING me up inside! HAHAHA

sockyarn.jpgHere are the colorful sock yarns I bought from KnitPicks. I really like the Dancing (pinkish tones). It’s stretchy – I think it will make a wonderful pair of summer anklets so I’ll cast on for those soon. The other yarn is Simple Stripes in the Crayon colorway which is MUCH MORE colorful in person!!

Necia I hope I done made you proud with my crayon yarn! HA!

Picture 002.jpgAnd lastly but most definitely not least, Esmie made GL a toy! She calls it Mr. Junior Potato. Isn’t this cute?? We’re going to buy a rattle and put it inside today.