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A head-start

I have so many ideas running through my head as far as designing and knitting OPP’s (Other People’s Patterns).  My mojo is in overdrive right now.  I thought I’d take advantage of that and get a head start on Holiday knitting!  If any of you know me at all, you know that I knit for very few others.  Most of my handknits are for me.  Somewhat selfish but it’s hard to find appreciative people!  But I digress…

The minute I saw this Through the Woods pattern I knew it would be perfect as a gift for my friend Lauren.  She is having had a baby this month and will probably be out strolling around Central Park with him this fall and winter.  (She had the baby while this post was still in draft form!  YAAAY!  Congrats, L & R!)   She hates wearing hats since she thinks they don’t look right on her so she usually freezes instead.   This hood and cowl combo seems like a perfect solution to me.through the woods cowl and hood 02

The pattern is a very simple knit (I can hear you all groan out there saying that I ALWAYS say that!).  But I SWEAR that it is!!  The main cable part is knit back and forth in rows; you seam the hood; pick up sts around hood and knit that ribbing; pick up sts along bottom edge and knit that part; then pick up and knit for button bands.  See??  EASY PEASY!through the woods cowl and hood 07

In my humble opinion, the hood is a bit small.  Esmie is 12 and you can see that it fits her almost just right.  Lauren is petite so it will fit her, too.  I did get gauge.  So if I were to knit this for myself, I would probably have to knit the hood larger, probably just by making the main piece longer by a few inches and adding a repeat or two to the cable pattern.

through the woods cowl and hood 11

After taking these pictures of Esmie modeling for me, I think she needs one for herself this winter, too.  I’m probably biased but my girl is rocking that hood with her orange tank top!

through the woods cowl and hood 05

Through the Woods

  • Source: on Knit Picks and on Ravelry
  • Size: one size fits all (I would say most)
  • Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Creme, 60% wool, 40% silk; used 6 skeins (744 yds of yarn held doubled = 372 total yds)
  • Color: Natural
  • Needles: US 10.5 for main hood, US 3 for button bands (yes, you CAN knit bulky weight on size 3 needles)
  • Cost: yarn was a gift; 5 buttons @ 75c each.
  • Started: August 5, 2010
  • Finished: August 14, 2010
  • Mods: used double stranded yarn.

A perfect Rosi G. weekend

Before I even start on my weekend, I want to thank all of you for the lovely comments on my Mi Escuelita Knitty pattern.  I’m glad you all like it so much and YES, due to popular demand, I will be creating an adult version.  :o)

So, with all of the stress in my life lately, I decided I needed to spend time with a few people I’ve been neglecting:  Me, Myself and I.  Having been convinced by several people to take some time to be alone and just hang out and chill, I took off upstate on Friday afternoon.  I have spent the weekend in a LOVELY home very generously offered to me by a good friend.  Friday was wonderful to just drive around, have dinner, knit knit knit, watch my soaps, drink wine.  Just fantastic.  No kids yelling and running, no dog barking, complete silence.  Ahhhhh!  I started the first of a pair of Glows Gloves and was able to get through the cuff by Saturday morning.

Glows Gloves 1

Next, I grabbed my bag and camera and went off to meet Maven at Katonah Yarn in Katonah, NY.  It was a beaaaautiful afternoon.  Lovely fall-like weather.  Perfect day to meet up.  Here I am in front of this adorable storefront.

Katonah Yarns with Maven08

Isn’t it cute??    And here’s Maven:

Katonah Yarns with Maven01

Isn’t SHE cute??  Well, not only is she cute but we hit it off in person even BETTER than we had online.  We’ve been in contact for quite a while online and I cannot begin to express how good a day I’ve spent with her today.  We laughed, we talked non-stop, we shopped, we ate.  We spent 6 hours together and if it wasn’t for the fact that I had to drive an hour to get back, I would’ve probably stood longer (if Maven would’ve wanted to of course!).  We just had a really fantastic time.  Thanks again for coming out to meet with me, sweets!  Love ya!

Katonah Yarns with Maven06

The shopping?  Oh, yeah.  Well we walked into the store and saw this:

Katonah Yarn

I was completely in heaven.  We spent TWO HOURS at the shop browsing, sitting, browsing, chatting, browsing, flipping through books, chatting…well, you get the picture.  The store is absolutely wonderful and has sooooo much stuff (well, duh, look at those pictures!).  The two ladies that were working there were sooo friendly and sweet.  They allowed us to just chill there and would chime in sometimes in our conversations about this project or that button or this yarn.  It was just a GREAT experience.  If you’re ever in the area, you MUST stop by!!  I scored 4 skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport from the 50% off bin (!) for holiday gifts, the new Debbie Bliss mag, some notions I needed, some 4″ Hiya Hiya dpns, and some Shepherd Bulky to make Quincy, from Brooklyn Tweed’s new book, Made in Brooklyn.


We finally left and went to eat next door at a grill.  We had some really good food after which we ordered coffee.  So, here comes the waitress, sets down Maven’s cup o’ joe and then, after she sets my cup down, she knocks it over – right in my lap and off the table, onto and INTO my new black Namaste Hermosa bag!!!!  O.O  MY NEW FREAKIN BAG – THAT CRISTI GAVE ME FOR MY BDAY A COUPLA WEEKS AGO  (I LOVE IT THANKS AGAIN BABE LOVE YA)!!!  AAAAAAARGH!    oh.  em.  geeeeee.   If it wasn’t for the fact that Maven and I had had SUUUUUCH a good time and I was totally relaxed, I would’ve probably tore that chic a new hole to poop out of, especially since she’d been rude to us since we WALKED IN.  I had to empty out the bag and wipe everything down.  The lining was soaked but it’s ok now after cleaning it off with seltzer water brought to me by one of the waitresses.  Luckily, my stuff was ok and even better, our food was on the house.  Well, damn right it should’ve been!!!  Shoot.  LOL

All in all, this weekend has been immensely helpful for my peace of mind and I’ve had a GREAT time just chilling alone.  Tomorrow I head back home around noon.  Back to the real world.  But I miss my kids and Tano so I look forward to going home.

Don’t I look relaxed??  😀  G’nite everybody!

Rosi G

Cinquefoil Tam

As soon as I saw this tam in the new Twist Collective, I knew I wanted to make it as a gift for my super-generous boss, Lauren.

Cinquefoil 3

I decided to go with the yarn used in the pattern because it’s a good quality, a good blend, and hey, the price is right.  Although the yarn is a tad splitty, it was nice to work with.  The finished hat is super soft.

Cinquefoil 1

My only concern with this hat is that it came out kind of small before blocking.  As far as I know, I got gauge.  😉  I had to stretch it to force it over a plate to block and now it fits my daughter Esmie.  The pattern states adult one size fits most; circumference at brim 18″; diameter across wheel 9.5″ after blocking.  When I make adult hats I usually use 20-21″ circumference around brim.

Cinquefoil 4

Since my boss is not huge like me, I’m sure it will fit her just fine.  It fits me like a skully when I put it on.  HA!

Cinquefoil 5

The pattern is very straight-forward and easy to follow.  The hat was a very quick and easy knit.  Yea, you are all saying, “she always says that,” but really, it is!  :o)


  • Source: Twist Collective, Fall 2009
  • Size: One-size fits most (?)
  • Yarn: Elann Peruvian Baby Cashmere
  • Colors: Parchment (MC) (.82 skeins, 90 yds); Cashmere Blue (.46 skeins, 50 yds); Tapestry Blue (.22 skeins, 24 yds)
  • Needles: US 2 and US 3 16″ Hiya Hiya Interchangeables
  • Gauge: as pattern
  • Cost: approx. 1.5 skeins of yarn used * $13.13
  • Started: August 30, 2009
  • Finished: September 1, 2009
  • Mods: none