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OMG I’ve been cracking up ALL morning!  Check this dude out!

Full View - 7 sts droppedCloseup - 7 sts droppedOn knitting: I started the clapotis for Lauren on Tuesday as I said I would. I’m faaaar into it. It’s going much faster than the other clap I knit. In two days, I’ve already dropped 7 stitches!! The colorway is really pretty and I think will suit her style perfectly.

A warning to mothers of little baby boys out there: when changing a baby boy’s diaper, ALWAYS ALWAYS cover their wee wee. Unless you want to be pee’d on. Two boys later: I STILL haven’t learned my lesson! Gian took it upon himself to pee on me this morning – TWICE! When he starts to pee like that I turn into a numbskull who doesn’t know WHAT to put over his wee wee to try to catch some of the freakin fountain of pee! Today I decided to use the dirty diaper I had just rolled up to throw away…..AFTER I attempted to catch it into my hand! Idiot me didn’t think to use the CLEAN diaper that I had just placed under him!

IMG_1677IMG_1681He was just chillin and smiling during his antics. He pee’d all over his crib, this kid! So as revenge I’m posting these naked pix of him here! MWAAAHAHAHAHHAA

New FO and a Contest!

Hey, everyone. I’ve been AWOL for a bit because we’ve been busy moving to the new apartment. We’ve brought some things over, yet not all. Why is it that the more you pack up the more you seem to find? UGH! The big move is this weekend on Saturday. So our first night in the new apartment will be that day! I’m sooo excited. After everything is set up, I will take pix.

In the meantime, I have a new banner!! What do ya’ll think?? Isn’t it GAWWWJUS??? It was created by my buddy Turtlegirl who apparently had lots of fun creating it (read about it on her blog, which is full of yarn pr0n by the way – LOOOOVE it!).

IMG_1509.JPGHere’s a new FO for you: My So Called Scarf in Malabrigo – colorway is Oro y Vino. It’s gorgeous isn’t it?? Sooo soft and cuddly. If it doesn’t pill too bad after a month of NYC use, I’ll maybe make a throw out of this yarn or something else I can cuddle up in with Tano. 😀 I used one skein and it came out to 53.5″ after it stretched a bit when I put it on as soon as I cast off. LOL (Sorry for the crappy pic. NO sun this morning!! I would take one of myself wearing it but I look like shit right now so that won’t happen until I look presentable!)

As I’ve been running back and forth to the new apartment this past week, I’ve been carrying around my blue Lantern Moon Diamond Tote with two projects: the scarf and the socks. It also has my Elmo wallet and some odds and ends – pens, keys, Lip Smoothers, etc. So, whyyy do I feel like I’ve been lifting weights at the gym with Tano??

IMG_1522.JPGThat’s when I realized my notion bag is in there too!! I must have one of the fattest, well-stocked notion bags this side of the Brooklyn Bridge! GEEEZE! It’s heavier than any makeup bag I’ve ever carried. Although I’ve never been one to wear a lot of makeup…but STILL! This thing weighs….AH! See, that’s where the contest comes in! 😉
IMG_1514.JPGFor anyone that can guess the weight of my notions bag as close as you can get to it, there is a special gift package that I will prepare for you and send off full of yarn and soapy riches! You must come within 0.5 oz of the weight in order to win. 😉

What’s inside of it?

  • a Peg It Knitting Counter
  • a needle sizer
  • circular cutting pendant
  • a couple of metal stitch holders
  • clicking row counter
  • folding ruler
  • chibi needle case with about 6 needles
  • several of each of two sizes plastic stitch holders
  • a pen
  • two row counters that you hand on the needle
  • the thingie to make my I-cords on the knitting nobby
  • folding scissors
  • a crapload of cable needles in various shapes and sizes
  • several crochet hooks in different sizes
  • two metal hooks which are destined to be put inside future purses to hang my keys
  • one package of the KnitPicks Options needles end caps and tightening key
  • one retractable measuring tape (the soft kind)
  • one retractable tape measure (the hard kind)
  • 3 packages of stitch markers (handmade especially for me by my good friend Laurie of Sweet Cheeks Co. and soft rings ones – both my faves!!!)
  • 1 package of handmade row markers(also made by Laurie)

Here’s some close up picks for your perusal:

IMG_1515.JPG IMG_1516.JPG IMG_1517.JPG IMG_1519.JPG

Does anyone know of any other important notions that I may need? I already have a WPI (Wraps per inch) tool coming from Knit Picks.

And YES I do use all of this you see pictured here. Not all at once – but since I always have a bunch of projects going, it’s good to have everything I MAY need in one place.

I’ll let the contest run until after I move. International contestants are welcome, too!! I should have net connection again sometime next week. I’ll be connected until Saturday and then after that gotta wait for the cable guy to come hook me up….LITERALLY! HA! So tune in next week to see which of you lucky contestants has won the grand prize!
TTFN folks!

New WIPs

I’ve gone WIP crazy! LOL Besides the My So Called Scarf that I cast on for last week which now looks like thisIMG_1398.JPG here on the right, I have now cast on for two more projects PLUS I have yarn coming for two other projects I’ll probably cast on for right away.IMG_1389.JPG I started the Portland Pullover from IK Fall 2006 as I’d stated I wanted to do in a previous post. I’m using yarn from my stash, which is always a plus! The La Gran Mohair in Chocolate Brown.

I also started a pair of socks with the Knit Picks Dancing yarn I got a few weeks ago. I’m semi-following the Universal Sock pattern from Knitty. It asks that you cast on using the crochet cast-on. IMG_1381.JPGI found that the instructions in the Knitting Answer Book I bought at the Yarn Tree are much easier to follow. IMG_1379.JPGThe method used in the book shows where you put the hook on top of your knitting needle and sorta make wraps on your knitting needle by pulling the yarn thru the hook. Not sure if you can see it there on the pic but if anyone is interested I’d be happy to take closer pix of the instructions.
So we went from IMG_1385.JPG that tangled mess of yarn you see on the left to what you see on the right. IMG_1392.JPGA nice neat short-row toe. I like the wrap instructions in the pattern. Very clear and the wraps came out nice and neat. Now I’m undecided if I should do the heel from the Baudelaire socks or just do a short-wrap heel as per the pattern.

IMG_1387.JPGWell, that’s all for now folks. We’re on our way to Jones Beach pool. Kids are sick of being indoors so much and I feel bad. Just for kicks, here’s Gian in his bathing trunks! HA! (Nooooo I’m not putting the poor boy in the water!….well, maybe I’ll wet his feet a little! 😀 )