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Going up the leg

baudfrontonfoot.jpgHey, everyone. The foot on my Bauds went by faster than I thought altho casting on that figure 8 was a bit of trouble. Once I got that done, it went by fast enough. Then I got to the heel. I have to recommend that you do NOT use the regular type of stitch holders. You should use either circular needles or some scrap yarn because that side needs to be flexible for you to knit easier on the heel. I learned that the hard way! I was also somewhat confused at one point by the wraps and all but I got that sorted out. I have a hole in my heel that I guess I’m gonna have to go back and sew to close it up. 🙁 baudheel.jpg

I’m now working the leg. I chose to do the larger instep part so I had to do the increase on the cable. LAAAWD did I have issues with that. I couldn’t figure out which way was what because it was hard to do the increases and keep the stitches snug. But I got past that and now it’s smooth sailing – hopefully!

I’ve also been doing the pattern wrong EVEN AFTER I RIPPED IT BACK!!  Instead of doing the ssk on the left side of the chart as indicated I’ve been doing it on the RIGHT side and the k2tog on the left!  UGH!  Doesn’t look that bad right?  I can’t tell the difference from the one in the pattern pic…

So in the meantime, I went back to the diagonal baby blanket that I would like to finish before the baby is born. But with all this sock knitting it makes me wonder WHEN I’ll get it done!! I’m done with one ball of yarn and on the second ball now doing the decreases. It’s knit like one big simple washcloth so it’s one of those “mindless knitting” projects.

Speaking of GL he was doing some SERIOUS jumping around last night and I didn’t get to sleep until about 2 am! Not even born yet and he’s already keeping me up at night! He also had the hiccups for about an hour and since he’s big now THAT was pretty uncomfortable for me. 🙁

Just a week and a few days to go! 😀

Happy Monday!!

WOW What a way to welcome in the first day of my maternity leave and a MONDAY at that!!! First thing this morning, post man rings my doorbell bearing a cute little box with the FANCIEST set of needles you shall EVER see!! These things look fabo! Of course, I dug in IMMEDIATELY. I’m an organization freak and I had to fix it all up in its beautiful black binder. (I used to be a big fan of daytimers until palm pilots came along!) I love it! I know that I can go to staples and pick up any extra pockets I may need (or probably just place a yarn order from KP…. LOL)

I haven’t used any needles yet cuz I have to see what I want to cast on for first. 😀

Picture 003.jpg But one tip I can suggest is to get the needle ID tags, remove all the needles from the cardboard thingie it comes in, and place a big needle, a small needle and their corresponding ID tags into the 3 pocket ziplock things. It’s much easier than fighting with the little elastic things holding down the needles on the cardboard.
Picture 004.jpg
Picture 005.jpgHere are the Angora Baby Booties for GL. These were sooo easy to make! One evening is all it took. Couple of hours. Yarn is from webs. I had some left over and now I wanna order a couple more skeins to make a scarf with the rest of this. It’s unbelievably soft!

Baudelairesocks.jpgThe Baudelaire socks are marching along nicely. I’m up to the gusset increases. This is going to be a wonderful heel that I’ll probably use in other toe-up socks I might make. I ended up ripping back to where the lace pattern started because the fact that I screwed it up was EATING me up inside! HAHAHA

sockyarn.jpgHere are the colorful sock yarns I bought from KnitPicks. I really like the Dancing (pinkish tones). It’s stretchy – I think it will make a wonderful pair of summer anklets so I’ll cast on for those soon. The other yarn is Simple Stripes in the Crayon colorway which is MUCH MORE colorful in person!!

Necia I hope I done made you proud with my crayon yarn! HA!

Picture 002.jpgAnd lastly but most definitely not least, Esmie made GL a toy! She calls it Mr. Junior Potato. Isn’t this cute?? We’re going to buy a rattle and put it inside today.

Socks off, Socks on

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I’ve finished the two at once socks. I gave those to Alex.

Picture 009.jpgNecia keeps saying how all my sock yarn is muted colors so I cast on for the Baudelaire socks from the new Knitty issue in a maroon color. STILL muted but at least it’s not a shade of brown! HA! I’m now addicted to making two at once socks so here we go again.
I also caved and bought the new Knit Picks Interchangeable Needles! Can’t wait to get them!! And in keeping w/my “non-muted sock yarn challenge” I ordered yarns for two pairs of bright colored socks. Any excuse for more sock yarn!

So I’m diligently plugging along on my socks and start to notice during the first lace pattern repeat that the stitches along the left hand curve of the lace are going in the wrong direction so it doesn’t look entirely the same as the right side. I’m like, what kind of a fluke is that?? what am I doing wrong? This morning as I’m on the train starting the second pattern repeat, I realized that the reason the triangles on the left side of the two center purl stitches on the chart are facing a different direction is because……


Lesson learned: pay attention to ALL the stitches on a chart.

I really don’t wanna rip….I think it looks ok and you can’t even really notice it. Only I can. 🙁