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Mi Escuelita

Last year, I was brave enough to submit a design to Knitty for the first time.  I waited at the edge of my seat for weeks before hearing back from Amy that she loved my design but wanted to save it for the Fall issue instead of the Spring issue I’d submitted it for.  FINE BY ME!  :o)

escuelita 1

So now, a little over a year after I took it off the needles, I present to you Mi Escuelita.  Inspired by my beautiful daughter, Rossani aka Little Rosi, I made this cabled sweater for her.  She needed a school sweater to add some color to her boring uniform of navy blue bottoms and white shirts.

escuelita 2

The sweater needed to be quick, easy and comfy for her.  Not to mention the quality had to be good to take the amount of washings a school sweater gets in any given year.

The body of the cardigan is knit in one piece, back and forth to the armholes then set aside.  The sleeves are knit in the round to the armholes on double pointed needles or using the Magic Loop method.  All pieces are then placed on one long circular needle and the yoke is knit.  Buttonbands, buttonhole bands and shawl collar are knit onto the garment later.

escuelita 3

The generous shawl collar acts as a scarf under a jacket or coat to keep her neck nice and toasty.

escuelita 5

I was able to complete her sweater with a day or two to spare before she started 2nd grade last year.  Needless to say, Rossani wore her sweater all year loving how all her friends and teachers always said what a pretty sweater she was wearing and she proudly announced, “My mommy made it for me!!!”  :o)

escuelita 4

Mi Escuelita (My Little School or My Darling School)

  • Source: Knitty, Fall 2009
  • Size: Shown here in size 8 years
  • Yarn: Bollicine Dolly
  • # of skeins: for this size I used a total of 781 yds almost exactly (5.1 skeins of suggested yarn).  For the two largest sizes, you could probably get away with 1 skein less than the suggested amounts.
  • Color: Pink #454
  • Needles: US Size 5
  • Gauge: 24 sts and 32 rows = 4″ in stockinette stitch
  • Cost: $3.83 per skein, $19.53 total for the yarn; $0.75 per button, used 5 = $3.75 – Total cost: $23.28
  • Started: August 29, 2008
  • Finished: September 5, 2008

What’s been going on

Hi, everyone.  I’m sorry I posted that crazy comment and then disappeared for a while.  I cannot tell you how much all of the supportive emails have meant to me.   All of your comments have meant so much to me.  I love you all.

I did end up emailing The Powers That Be at Ravelry but I was told that the comments section basically belongs to the user and they cannot control what is written there.  🙁  BUT, I have decided to ignore this person and keep it moving.

On the 20th of August, I turned 35.  For a birthday present, Bank of America gave to me a PREAPPROVAL FOR A HOME LOAN!!!  WOO HOO!!  That’s right.  After fighting my credit score for sooo long, I finally was approved.  So we’re house shopping.  I have learned so much and everyday I have a new headache and to think that I’ve only been at this for a week and a half.  LOL  If you have any homebuying tips, DO please leave them here for me!!

As an added bonus, I’ve received several lovely gifts from my friends (Thanks ya’ll!!!).  One of them is a handmade project bag made for me by LeTeisha.  It’s totally my color and the fabric is nice and sturdy!  I immediately put my one major WIP in there.  😀  She also sent me a booklet full of doggie sweater patterns.  SOOO Cute!  Thanks again, babe!!

gift 008

gift 004

I have been steadily working on my Clasica Coat from the Fall 2009 Interweave Knits.  I chose to use Ecological Wool for it’s price and for the great wear I am getting out of my seamless cardigan that I made last year from this same yarn.  It doesn’t pill horribly as a lot of sweaters seem to do for me and it’s also suuuper soft and warm.  I plan to line the coat with fabric to actually wear it as a COAT coat.  😉

gift 017

I hope to finish it in time for Rhinebeck.  Can you believe it’s about 6 weeks away already???  TIME HAS FLOWN!

Catch ya’ll later!  SMOOCHES!

Tempest II-2

I finished my new Tempest just in time for MDSW!  Scroll all the way past the pictures for my mods because I basically rewrote the whole pattern to a set-in sleeve, seamless cardi.   I am still calling it a Tempest because I used the same stripes and the stitch counts from the original pattern.  I hope to find some sock yarn to do my next one in because there WILL be a next one!

Tempest II-2 3 Tempest II-2 6 Tempest II-2 2 photo.jpg

Tempest Cardigan

  • Source: Knitty, Spring 2008
  • Size: H – 45″ Bust
  • Yarn: Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester 2/8
  • Color: MC = Stone (513.7 yards), CC = Silver (459.1 yards)
  • Needles: US 6 needle for the body; US 5 needle for the edging; US 10 needle to bind off (regular bind-off but YO every 2 sts on front edges and every 3 or 4 sts on neck edges).
  • Gauge: 5 sts and 7-8 rows per inch
  • Cost: yarn – $28.84 [11 buttons ($1.08 ea) – $11.88 = $40.72; I haven’t decided on adding the buttons. I kind of like it with the pin instead!]
  • Started: March 2, 2009
  • Finished: April 25, 2009
  • Mods: I knit this sweater as a seamless set-in sleeve cardigan a la E. Zimmermann, following instructions in the Knitting Workshop book.The body is done in one piece: using two circular needles and Judy’s Magic Cast On, cast on left front sts, PM, cast on 1, PM, cast on back sts, PM, cast on 1, PM, cast on right front sts. The single stitch between markers will be knit in reverse stockinette to make that the pretend side seam. Continue knitting on your main body needle only. Leave the second circular with it’s live sts dangling for now. Work 14 rows. Fold your strip with WS touching and take your dangling circular and align it with your working circular. Now you will do a 3-needle bind-off without the binding-off part to join the two pieces (basically, knit one st from front needle an done st from back needle). You’ve done your hem.

    Knit as directed in pattern, including all waist shaping until you get to the armhole decreases. At this point, knit to X sts AFTER first side seam stitch, where X represents the # of sts you were to have decreased for the armhole on the back. Take the X number of armhole sts from the front, the single “seam” stitch and the X number of armhole sts from the back and put them all on a holder. Smack in the middle of all of these sts be sure to include the single side seam stitch. Continue knitting to the other side and repeat. Set aside.

    Knit your sleeves in the round from the bottom up including all shaping until you get to where you would decrease for the armhole. I knit the first 4 rounds in garter stitch. Follow the same instructions as body for placing X sts for the sleeve underarm on a holder. This number should be the same number as those at the underarm on the body.

    Next, join all of your pieces onto one long circular as follows: knit right front sts, PM, knit sts from one sleeve, PM, knit back sts, PM, knit sts from second sleeve, PM, knit left front sts. You will then do the set-in sleeve decreases at the markers as shown in the EZ book, except don’t increase the rate of decreases to every row once you have half of the sleeve sts. I continued with 1 decrease every RS row.  Also, all of my decreases were done as p2tog or p2tog-tbl on the RS and k2tog or ssk on the WS so that you create a fake seam along the armhole.

    A few short rows done on top edge of back.

    Picked up 3 sts for every 4 slipped sts along front edges, 1 sts for every stitch along neckline. I only did 11 buttonholes for this Tempest. With my first Tempest, I feel 14 buttons is too much.  But as I said above, I’m not sure if I’m going to sew on the buttons because I like it with my dragonfly pin from Nicholas and Felice (they have some nice new things on there too…hmmmm).

    All in all, VERY pleased with this new one.