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Where was I?

Oh, yeah.  My obsession with fair isle.  I’ve done plenty of work on the Ivy League Vest and I’ve done traded off a bunch of my stash for a massive amount of Cascade 220.  I had an entire post ready about what’s caught my eye in fair isle, but I was a bit distracted by these pictures:

Tanos Cabled Sweater (2)

Tanos Cabled Sweater (3)

Tanos Cabled Sweater

He fills out that sweater quite well doesn’t he?  Sigh….My better half lovingly wearing a sweater I made for him – makes me fall in love all over again!

85-6 Pullover in Alaska and Silke-Tweed (geesh what a long name!  I like to call it “Tano’s Cabled Turtleneck”)

  • Source: Drops Design
  • Size: XXL
  • Yarn: Queensland Collection Uruguay Chunky (17.6 skeins, ~1285 yds)
  • Color: Sandy Beige #111
  • Needles: US 10
  • Gauge: 4 sts = 1”, 28 rows = 12 cm
  • Cost: $45.40
  • Started: October 26, 2008
  • Finished: February 16, 2008
  • Mods: None really except for using the same size needle throughout the entire sweater (instead of doing the ribbing with a smaller size).


Cardigan Wrap (8)

Back in September, my boss commissioned me to do some knitting for her as a holiday gift for her sister.  From this, Wrapped-About was born.

Cardigan Wrap (4)

Be it Barney’s or the Dollar Mart, Rich Housewife or struggling single mom. Stay fashionably wrapped while you’re out and about. The only requirement for this pattern is the wearer MUST be GROWN AND SEXY!

Cardigan Wrap (5)


  • Source: Rosi G.
  • Size Shown: Fabulous
  • Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, 9 (10) skeins
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Needles: US 7 24″ or 32″ circulars; and, US 7 dpns
  • Gauge: 5 stitches and 7 rows = 1 inch in Stockinette
  • Started: September 17, 2008
  • Finished: December 3, 2008
  • Notes: This wrap is knit sideways, with the two halves meeting in the center back. Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “thumb trick” is used to insert scrap yarn where the sleeves go. Later, this yarn is removed, the stitches are picked up and the sleeves are knit down in the round. The pattern is written for two sizes: Fabulous and Extra Fabulous (all instructions for Extra Fab are in parenthesis).

I’m on my way!

I’ve started climbing that mountain!

SSAC start (2)

I began by laying out my charts and plans, as mentioned in a previous post.  I’m not big on making complicated swatches, but since this is a semi-complicated sweater, I knew there was no way around it.  Meg Swansen recommends making a swatch cap in the pattern.  I decided to make a swatch cowl instead.

Swatch Cowl (2)

I cast on enough stitches to measure 24″ (gauge of 4.5 sts per inch, 108 sts cast on).  I used one of each of the cable motifs I planned on using in my sweater and also the filler pattern (p2, k1 or 2 tbl, p2).  I then soaked my cowl and it finally dried.

Swatch Cowl

Can I tell you how in LOVE I am with this yarn and pattern????  I can understand why people are so into cowls these days now.  When you find a nice, soft yarn and a fun stitch, it’s great to make a quickie project that you can wear right up against your neck.

Swatch Cowl (3)

I want to know why Cascade Ecological Wool isn’t more popular.  It’s relatively inexpensive with a MASSIVE amount of yardage in one skein.  I’m absolutely positive that I will use this yarn again.  It’s a pleasure to knit with.  It’s soft even before soaking.  With the soak, it’s even softer.  It feels great against the skin and not totally scratchy as some natural 100% wools can be.

Swatch Cowl (1)

After having swatched all of my motifs, I realized that I didn’t want to use all of them.  I swapped out two of them (shown on the left and right in the picture above) and replaced them with one single twisted cable (shown in the picture below).  I think it’s going to work out better since the yarn shows off twisted cables really well.

SSAC start

I haven’t wanted to put this puppy down since I started it yesterday so I’ve been ignoring all of my other gazillion WIPs.   But, stay tuned as I do have a new free pattern in the works!