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Random Thoughts

Helloooo, buddies! Yes, yes, I KNOW I’ve been AWOL. But trust me when I tell you that it’s all for good reason, all of which I’ll explain probably next week. 😀

For now, I bring you some random happenings:

Regia StripeClaudia Handpainted (1)1. I got some free Regia yarn at Loopy Ewe. I looove Loopy! They rock. The free yarn came to Groupies who ordered a week or so ago. Got Claudia Handpainted in that gorgeous black multi you see there, and some more Schaeffer Lola.

2. I’ve pretty much been slacking on the Diet part. Yarn Diet that is. I haven’t ordered any BIG loads of yarn but I haven’t kept to it 100%, as I’m sure you all know. BUT I’m still doing the knit-5-projects thing and KFYS07.

Start of Tomten3. Speaking of, I’m knitting a Tomten in some Plymouth Encore I had in my stash. Actually, I’m almost done so that’s coming up soon.

4. I finished Wicked, too. I’ll be unveiling that one as soon as I remember to take pix!

5. Bikini waxing doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.

6. Neither does full leg waxing (I’d done only half leg before).

TravelerRainy Day Socks (1)7. I finished Traveler’s Stockings and Rainy Day Socks. I loved knitting both. Wonderful patterns and fairly easy to follow. I love Louet Gems (Traveler’s Stockings) and Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (Rainy Day Socks) feels wonderful on the feet! Click on each pic to see more pictures of each.

Looove Bread8. Gian loves bread.

That’s it for now!! 😀

FOs and new WIPs

Yes, I know the 52 Pair Plunge is INSANE but I may as well join along as I knit socks ALL THE TIME during my commute. Very rarely do I bring big projects for commuting knitting because half the time I’m knitting standing up leaning against the subway door. HE!

Yarntini Chevron Socks (1)I have finished my first two pairs. The Yarntini Chevron socks are on their way to their recipient. I REALLY hope she likes them! They were a quick and easy knit (especially with the garter stitch short row toes and heels).  Moon socks (3)I also completed my Cider Moon socks.  Let me tell you guys how I knit a sock PER DAY on this yarn!  Yup, one a day, like the vitamins.  Made up my own pattern, too.  (Click the pic so you can see the notes on the pattern).  These socks are sooo comfy and soft.  I highly recommend this yarn to everyone.  I already wore my socks and I kept wiggling my toes in them cuz they felt so cozy.  😀

Louet Gems (1)Once those socks were off the needles, I cast on for Traveler’s Stockings: Take Two.  My first try at these socks proved that I SUCK at matching yarn to patterns, not to mention that they didn’t fit at all, so that went to the frog pond.  This time around I’m knitting them on size 1 (US 1.5) Knit Picks Options needles (vs. the size 0 called for in the pattern).  I’ve calculated that this will give me an entire extra inch around the sock so they should fit really well.  I’m also using Louet Gems which I scored at the Loopy Ewe.  I really like this yarn.  It’s very soft and easy to knit with.  Not splitty which is KEY for this pattern.  (I had a bit of trouble with splittiness with the yarn I was using for these socks previously – the base yarn used by this Fiber Artist has since been changed so we need not worry about that happening again if you purchase from him – he’s a great guy so I recommend that you do get some wonderfully dyed yarn from him!…but I digress).  Louet:  the color at first I thought would be more grayish but it has hints of green in it.  It’s called Pewter.  It’s fine by me.  I like it although I can’t describe it.  Can you?

Wicked progressI’ve been making steady progress on my Wicked top, too.  I’m 2 rows away from splitting the sleeve stitches from the body but Jeanine and Necia BOTH insist that I MUST put the stitches on scrap yarn and try on the thing before continuing…just in case….the thought of removing and replacing and putting back and trying on….ugh….I HATE trying on clothes when I go shopping.  So not a woman like that.  But I guess I’ll have to go by what the experts say.

Flower Basket Lace ShawlAnd THEN….I got sidetracked.  My Marjaana yarn was calling to me.  I wanted to make a new shawl and so….the Flower Basket Lace Shawl was born.   I KNOW that I have YET AGAIN maybe not chosen a correct pattern for this yarn but I did know that I wanted something made out of it that I could wrap around me.  This pattern works great in worsted weight yarn and it is just FLYING off the needles!!  I cast on Sunday and look where I am so far!  Actually, I’m a bit further than that now but ain’t it a beaut? Lace Shawl CloseupCan’t you tell how wonderfully soft this shawl will be?  How cozy it will be to wrap around me?  Hurry off to Little Knits and get your own skein.  I think that the color that is left of this yarn there would make a BEAUTIFUL Flower Basket shawl, doncha think??  I can’t wait to finish this so I know that I’ll be done sooner rather than later with this project.

I leave you with three heads full of curls.  (Someone will have to pry the diffuser from my dead lifeless fingers as I NEVER plan to part with it!!!)


I’ve been busy stashbusting! It’s been a little difficult matching yarn to projects. But isn’t it just GRAND when you look through books and magazines and run across something you want to make AND YOU ACTUALLY HAVE THE YARN IT CALLS FOR?? Such was the case in my two latest FO’s. (As always, clic on the thumbnails for larger pix and other details.)

TurtleneckPerfect T-neckFirst, the sexy turtleneck top from Fitted Knits. Have I mentioned that I love this book?! The pattern calls for Cascade 220. I just happened to have a bunch of it in my stash, but sadly not enough of any ONE color to complete it. So, I did half and half. I made the largest size and used a total of 2.25 skeins! Isn’t that wonderful??? This is one top that I will make again for sure. It was a super quick knit (about 5 days) and very sexy!

PlatinumPlatinum (1)Second, Platinum from Knitscene. I originally hunted down this magazine for the Central Park Hoodie pattern. As I looked through it I noticed this cute little sweater made with Classic Elite Lush. Well, guess what? I had some in my stash but AGAIN with the same problem. Not enough of one color. So, I improvised! 😉 This was another quick and very easy knit. It only took me longer because I had to wait for one more skein of the brown from Little Knits to complete the project. I used about 5 skeins of Lush for this top. It is SUPER soft and sooo cozy.

Curly Hair!Have you guys noticed something about me in the pix? No?! Let me enlighten you – my curly curly hair!! This weekend it was Rosi meet Diffuser. Love at first try! My hair has never been this curly. I love the fact that it’s SOFT curls. I’ve looonged for soft touchable curls with BOUNCE! I still have a bit to learn and practice with it but I think I did ok.

What do you guys think? Any of you use diffusers? Any tips?

Later this week: another pattern. A, um….stash buster for sure! :-))