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Whipping Out WIPs Weekend Contest

Sizzle (2)Sizzle (3)Happy Monday, all! Unlike other Mondays where I’ve bitched and moaned about the fact that it’s…well, MONDAY, today I feel good. Why do I feel good? Because I LOOK good. I’m SIZZLING baby!! I’m wearing my hot-off-the-needles Sizzle. Damn if this thing doesn’t make one feel sexy. Seriously. The yarn (Debbie Bliss Cathay) is like silk against the skin. I’m loving it! I think next time tho I should go down a size on any top I make. I know I’ve lost some weight but Sizzle seems a bit too loose and I would’ve liked it a little tighter around the waist. Or maybe it’s the yarn, who the hell knows. What do ya’ll think???

Anastasias (2)Flow Motion Socks (1)Also off the needles this weekend are Anastasias (in Koigu) and Flow Motion (in Trekking XXL) (IK Fall 2006) socks. (Click on the pix to see many other photos of each.) Funny, right after posting my Sock History, my handmade sock stash is two pairs richer! HA! I cut the Flow Motion socks smaller by two repeats. I wasn’t enjoying the pattern. Can’t memorize the lace rows so I had to think too much and pay too much attention. NOT a good thing for me apparently. BUT with the Anastasias, man once I hit the leg it was ON baby! The whole experience was fun and quick. LOVED it! Can’t say that enough!

Someone purchased all of my Kroy sock yarns off of DeStash so I took that opportunity to offer up my unfinished Fleck socks. I neeeeded to get those out of my sight! She graciously accepted (Bless her heart!). (PS: I have a few other things listed on DeStash so check them out!)
Airy Scarf StartSo taking all of those WIPs off of my list had a purpose (with only one tiny added, a Habu silk mohair (from Yarn Tree) Airy Scarf (from Last Minute Knitted Gifts) which will be a Holiday gift for the other attorney I assist, Shannon). I am DYING to cast on for a lace shawl! I’m sooo torn! So, help me figure out what shawl to make as my first true lace shawl. I also need tips as far as lifelines and all that other jazz.
Here are the yarns I have waiting in the wings to cast on for a shawl (click each link for pix of the colors I have in my stash):

To participate, just post your comment here stating which yarn to use with your recommended shawl pattern. I will choose a pattern by Friday and announce the winner during Yarn Pr0n. (I took a bunch of advance pix so I don’t get yelled at by Cristi – Turtlegirl). HA!

I’m looking forward to reading your comments. Oh, and tell all your knitting buddies to come post their suggestions, too! There will be some lovely yarn goodness in it for the winning shawl pattern chosen.

FO, WIP and SP8

I got my final SP8 package yesterday. My pal came through. She has been SUPER UBER busy with so much going on in her life so she was a little late getting the package out. But OOH was it worth it!

Dale of Norway SisikSP8 GiftShe sent TWELVE skeins of Dale of Norway Sisik. YES TWELVE! More than enough for an adult sweater and possibly some left over for a kid sweater to match!! 😀 I really like the red tweed! I was contemplating purchasing some yarn like this to make a sweater for Tano a la Brooklyn Tweed’s Seamless Hybrid. I will be swatching and casting on for that as soon as I get my Amazon book order with EZ’s Knitting Without Tears.

She also sent 2 books: Yarn Girl’s Guide to Kid Knits and For the Love of Knitting. Lots of great kid patterns in the first book and the second book will be perfect for curling up with a cup of tea and reading about knitting as opposed to reading knitting patterns! It looks like it has some great stories!

So a big thanks to Kim for coming through for me and being a great pal!! SMOOCHES!

Finished Full ViewScrunched up ClapOn knitting knews, I finished Lauren’s Clapotis. This has got to be one of the fastest knits ever for me! It’s gonna look sooo beautiful once its blocked. I’m debating on whether I should purchase Knit Picks Blocking Wires set or go to Home Depot and try to find those welding wires everyone says are just as good. I finished the clap while at court with TWFKAM (The case has been adjourned YET AGAIN because of the unpreparedness of her and her attorney – he didn’t even show up! I made sure I told the Judge how I felt about that crap and she was very sympathetic. We have to go back on September 27th.)

But I digress….

Start of SizzleGian Models his SocksSo since I finished the clap, I cast on for Sizzle last night using the Debbie Bliss Cathay. OMG this yarn knits up into such a lovely soft fabric!! I will definitely be using it again for more shells and such. Beautiful.

And here’s G-Luc modeling his Koigu socks!