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Let’s Take it Slowly

Fresh SoapThis past weekend, I made seven (7!) batches of soap. I was like a whirlwind. I wanted to just keep on making them! I stopped cuz I’m running low on some key ingredients. But worry not, I’ll be placing an order for more supplies in a couple of weeks.

Fresh Soap (1)I know many old customers have requested that I start selling my soaps. Some of you that have tried my soap have also requested me to sell. Therefore, I’ve decided to start out slowly selling. 😀 I’m not going to reopen my website as that is going to start a big stir that I’m not ready for. BUT, I’ll sell off some of the ones that I’ve made this weekend, first come, first serve. Free shipping.

To order, send me an email with the ones you’d like to soapy DAHT knitter AT gmail DAHT com. With each order, I’ll include sample slices of other scents. Also, buy 3 and get one free. 😀 Keep in mind that the prices I’ve listed are below my regular selling price, too! DANG, lots of specials for this first round.  I take paypal (cash preferred, but I do take credit card, too).

I figured I’d make it worth your while, dear readers (all ten of you! LOL), so that if you haven’t tried my soap, this is your perfect chance! Trust me, I’m not bragging, but this is some kick ass soap! I use natural oils such as coconut, palm kernel, soybean, olive, cocoa butter, kokum butter, grapeseed, castor and others. There’s coconut milk and tussah silk added to each batch, too.

Let me share with you the types that I made. I made 3 regular types and 4 spa soaps. What’s the difference? Well, the spa soaps have special additives and all essential oils. Here’s the list:

Regulars – $5 per bar – 4.5 to 5 oz per bar

  • Green Tea (with ground herbs for exfoliation) – 9 available
  • Sensual (a combination of Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Lavender fragrances)– 4 available
  • Midnight in Tunisia (Description from one of my fragrance distributors website:  Scent begins with floral notes of Tunisian jasmine petals, tuberose, and lily of the valley. The body of the fragrance is a melody of sweet grapes and berries with rich clove oil from Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla. The drydown consists of Egyptian sandalwood and Virginian cedarwood.) – 4 available

Spa – $5.50 per bar – 4.5 to 5 oz per bar

  • Sunkissed (with Dead Sea Clay, Clove, Ginger, Lime, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Sandalwood Essential Oils and Vanilla Oleo Resin) – 6 available
  • Spring Gardens (with Australian Clay, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lime, Orange, Rosemary and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils) – 4 available
  • Jubilation (with Australian Clay, Bergamot, Clove, Geranium, Lavender and Sandalwood Essential Oils and Vanilla Oleo Resin) – 4 available
  • CASHMERE FACIAL SOAP (ATTENTION ATTENTION HERE HERE! LOL – This is a favorite of many with ground oatmeal, honey, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage Essential Oils) – 6 available

Fun times!

Everyone says that we relive our childhood with our kids or that we always want them to have what we never did. This is definitely the case in our house. I always want my kids to have what I never did. For example: a girlie, girlie SLEEPOVER!! Wow, I never knew that sleepovers could be sooo much fun!  I never had one nor was I ever allowed to go to one as a child.  Well, I finally had one.  😀

The sleepoverEsmie turned 9 last Tuesday and I promised her a sleepover. She invited 3 friends from school and 1 outside of school and plus the neighbors. I ended up having 5 girls plus my 2, plus 3 boys (but they were here for Alex! LOL). Only 3 of the 5 girls spent the night but the others still got to participate in everything before hand. I wanted this to be something simple: cake and pizza and chips and movies etc.

Busy Bees (1)Well, I realized that I’d forgotten to get them little giftie things for them to take home. Spur of the moment, I decided something better! Let them make their own body products!!! As you all Busy Beesknow, or not, who knows, LOL, I still make products for my own personal use from my Rosi G. collection. I needed something simple for the girls to make so they made lip balms and sugar body scrubs (a simpler version of that from my store). They enjoyed making their own stuff so much. I may have to hire them as helpers when I open my store back up! Plus I gave them soaps for them and their mothers. I then found some folded up gift boxes I was saving for who-knows-what and had them put them together, gave them stickers (aka Avery Labels!) and some crayons and markers for them to decorate their boxes. All of this killed about over two hours!!!

All done!Happy BirthdayWe then sang happy birthday and cut the cake – it was near 11 pm by now. So the girls got into their pj’s, two of them left with their mom and the rest settled down on the floor to watch a movie. They were restless (sugar after a certain time = no sleep!).

Flying FingersLet me show youSo after the movie Esmie pulled out her knitting. The two eldest girls immediately said OOOOH KNITTING!!! By this time I was exhausted and in my OWN pj’s knitting on Chloe and watching the girls play. I gave each of the two girls some yarn and needles and Esmie taught them to knit! Check these out! We have new members!The girls took to them right away as young minds tend to do and they were happily knitting until about 2 am when I said ok that’s ENOUGH!!! Put the needles down! (said she that was still sitting there knitting her damn self!).

Nightie Night!Nightie Night! (1)I got them to settle down for the night but they didn’t fall to sleep until almost 3 am (!). I was sooo tired the next day but was able to hussle up about eleventeen pancakes and sets of scrambled eggs for 11 people. They had a nice brunch and then got busy playing again. I took out some of my costume jewelry for them to play dressup. Everyone was gone by 5 pm. (!) I’d told the parents 2 pm and was a bit upset that the girls hadn’t been picked up on time (what’s up with that!!!!) but I didn’t want to ruin the weekend by getting all pissed so I just put in another movie and took out my knitting again.

Mental note: do NOT attempt to start a new lace project while watching a bunch of girls. Just because they’re girls does not mean that they’ll be still and sweet.

Speaking of: I finished my Flower Basket Shawl on Friday evening. I just need to block it and then I’ll do an unveiling. This completes Round 4 of the Yarn Diet. For the treat: Briar Rose’s Wistful for Anne’s Glory Morning Wrap. I haven’t received it yet, but when I do it will definitely be featured in a YPF episode. Sunday, I cast on for Eunny Jang’s Print o’ the Wave stole in Schaeffer Trenna. I think this is going to be a beautiful summer wrap. I’m two repeats in and will post pictures in progress soon.

As for soaps, I was reading all of your replies with a smile and decided to choose four recipients of soap. The random number generator chose Ebony (who funnily enough said she never wins anything! LOL), Bezzie, Stacey, and Megan.

Email me your snail mail addy’s to soapy DOT knitter AT gmail DOT com and I’ll send you out some lovely soaps. Also in the email let me know which of the three you’d like (Moment of Peace, Vanilla Chamomille or Oatmeal, Milk & Honey. As for the rest, don’t worry, I’m sure to be holding these more often, including a drawing for some sugar scrub I need to make.  Also, for anyone interested, I’m willing to swap soap and stuff for yarn and books!  😀

OOOH, and Chante also let me know that my post about parenting was featured in the current Yarnival! YAY ME! 😀

Fresh outta the mold!

What“So, what’s in the oven?”, you ask?  Well, as I’m sure you noticed from my previous post, I had a pretty busy and productive Easter weekend.  Something else I did was make a few batches of soap.  MMMM the heavenly scent in my kitchen and living room these days!  If you haven’t made soap before, I can only describe this scent all over your house as like having a Yankee candle lit in each room.  The scent travels all over the place.  Wonderful!

In these batches: Vanilla Chamomille, Oatmeal, Milk and Honey and Moment of Peace.

Just hatched (1)Just hatchedSoap in the mold 

I’ll put everyone who leaves a comment today into a random number generator and select three people to send some soapy goodness to.  I know some of you have tried my soaps previously, but those of you who haven’t, I promise that it’s a great treat!  😉

Here, take a look at my Rosi G. site and you’ll see for yourself the stuff I used to cook up for sale.  No plans yet as to when I will re-open my shop but in the meantime, you guys get to enjoy treats for FREE when I do restock for personal use.