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Random Thoughts

Helloooo, buddies! Yes, yes, I KNOW I’ve been AWOL. But trust me when I tell you that it’s all for good reason, all of which I’ll explain probably next week. 😀

For now, I bring you some random happenings:

Regia StripeClaudia Handpainted (1)1. I got some free Regia yarn at Loopy Ewe. I looove Loopy! They rock. The free yarn came to Groupies who ordered a week or so ago. Got Claudia Handpainted in that gorgeous black multi you see there, and some more Schaeffer Lola.

2. I’ve pretty much been slacking on the Diet part. Yarn Diet that is. I haven’t ordered any BIG loads of yarn but I haven’t kept to it 100%, as I’m sure you all know. BUT I’m still doing the knit-5-projects thing and KFYS07.

Start of Tomten3. Speaking of, I’m knitting a Tomten in some Plymouth Encore I had in my stash. Actually, I’m almost done so that’s coming up soon.

4. I finished Wicked, too. I’ll be unveiling that one as soon as I remember to take pix!

5. Bikini waxing doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.

6. Neither does full leg waxing (I’d done only half leg before).

TravelerRainy Day Socks (1)7. I finished Traveler’s Stockings and Rainy Day Socks. I loved knitting both. Wonderful patterns and fairly easy to follow. I love Louet Gems (Traveler’s Stockings) and Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (Rainy Day Socks) feels wonderful on the feet! Click on each pic to see more pictures of each.

Looove Bread8. Gian loves bread.

That’s it for now!! 😀

Fun times!

Everyone says that we relive our childhood with our kids or that we always want them to have what we never did. This is definitely the case in our house. I always want my kids to have what I never did. For example: a girlie, girlie SLEEPOVER!! Wow, I never knew that sleepovers could be sooo much fun!  I never had one nor was I ever allowed to go to one as a child.  Well, I finally had one.  😀

The sleepoverEsmie turned 9 last Tuesday and I promised her a sleepover. She invited 3 friends from school and 1 outside of school and plus the neighbors. I ended up having 5 girls plus my 2, plus 3 boys (but they were here for Alex! LOL). Only 3 of the 5 girls spent the night but the others still got to participate in everything before hand. I wanted this to be something simple: cake and pizza and chips and movies etc.

Busy Bees (1)Well, I realized that I’d forgotten to get them little giftie things for them to take home. Spur of the moment, I decided something better! Let them make their own body products!!! As you all Busy Beesknow, or not, who knows, LOL, I still make products for my own personal use from my Rosi G. collection. I needed something simple for the girls to make so they made lip balms and sugar body scrubs (a simpler version of that from my store). They enjoyed making their own stuff so much. I may have to hire them as helpers when I open my store back up! Plus I gave them soaps for them and their mothers. I then found some folded up gift boxes I was saving for who-knows-what and had them put them together, gave them stickers (aka Avery Labels!) and some crayons and markers for them to decorate their boxes. All of this killed about over two hours!!!

All done!Happy BirthdayWe then sang happy birthday and cut the cake – it was near 11 pm by now. So the girls got into their pj’s, two of them left with their mom and the rest settled down on the floor to watch a movie. They were restless (sugar after a certain time = no sleep!).

Flying FingersLet me show youSo after the movie Esmie pulled out her knitting. The two eldest girls immediately said OOOOH KNITTING!!! By this time I was exhausted and in my OWN pj’s knitting on Chloe and watching the girls play. I gave each of the two girls some yarn and needles and Esmie taught them to knit! Check these out! We have new members!The girls took to them right away as young minds tend to do and they were happily knitting until about 2 am when I said ok that’s ENOUGH!!! Put the needles down! (said she that was still sitting there knitting her damn self!).

Nightie Night!Nightie Night! (1)I got them to settle down for the night but they didn’t fall to sleep until almost 3 am (!). I was sooo tired the next day but was able to hussle up about eleventeen pancakes and sets of scrambled eggs for 11 people. They had a nice brunch and then got busy playing again. I took out some of my costume jewelry for them to play dressup. Everyone was gone by 5 pm. (!) I’d told the parents 2 pm and was a bit upset that the girls hadn’t been picked up on time (what’s up with that!!!!) but I didn’t want to ruin the weekend by getting all pissed so I just put in another movie and took out my knitting again.

Mental note: do NOT attempt to start a new lace project while watching a bunch of girls. Just because they’re girls does not mean that they’ll be still and sweet.

Speaking of: I finished my Flower Basket Shawl on Friday evening. I just need to block it and then I’ll do an unveiling. This completes Round 4 of the Yarn Diet. For the treat: Briar Rose’s Wistful for Anne’s Glory Morning Wrap. I haven’t received it yet, but when I do it will definitely be featured in a YPF episode. Sunday, I cast on for Eunny Jang’s Print o’ the Wave stole in Schaeffer Trenna. I think this is going to be a beautiful summer wrap. I’m two repeats in and will post pictures in progress soon.

As for soaps, I was reading all of your replies with a smile and decided to choose four recipients of soap. The random number generator chose Ebony (who funnily enough said she never wins anything! LOL), Bezzie, Stacey, and Megan.

Email me your snail mail addy’s to soapy DOT knitter AT gmail DOT com and I’ll send you out some lovely soaps. Also in the email let me know which of the three you’d like (Moment of Peace, Vanilla Chamomille or Oatmeal, Milk & Honey. As for the rest, don’t worry, I’m sure to be holding these more often, including a drawing for some sugar scrub I need to make.  Also, for anyone interested, I’m willing to swap soap and stuff for yarn and books!  😀

OOOH, and Chante also let me know that my post about parenting was featured in the current Yarnival! YAY ME! 😀

Representing and Stashing

Thanks for all the compliments on Li’l Rosi’s new hat. I hope you all enjoy the pattern and put it to good use. Please send me pictures of any finished Tams so I can put them up in my Galeria.

Yarn HarlotLast week Thursday, we went to Represent at FIT, an event hosted by the Yarn Harlot. She was very funny in her presentation. The moment I found the funniest was when she first got on stage and said, “I’m sure you are all perfectly nice people individually, but altogether, you scare the crap out of me!!” :-)) She has a lot of balls, the little lady, to stand before such a MASSIVE crowd and chit chat with us. I dunno how she does it. I would be intimidated right off that stage. She talked about her different experiences as a knitter and a writer and told plenty of funny stories. OH, and her hair looked good. 😉 She worries about her hair in public a lot. HA!

Ladies at BBQsTwo Pie ShawlsAfterwards, Necia, Jeanine, Chante, Tawana, Sherrin, Marva and I (heretofor known as The Whatchamacallits – we were missing Bronxie who is also part of us and WE MISSED YOU BRONXIE!!! And, Happy Belated B-day to you!) went to eat at Dallas BBQ’s and had a GRAND ol’ time. Even if we DID have to gulp down alcoholic drinks and shovel the food into our mouth super fast because the New Jersey-ans had to rush to take scheduled buses. 😛 I wanted something to commemorate our event and since most of us were knitting socks, and there happened to be a bull (?) skeleton over our table….

Socks and El Toro

Yep. Fun times, indeed!

JeanineJeanine modeled her RECENTLY FINISHED Perfect Pie and Wicked top. I LOVE them both! They look GREAT, individually and as a pair. She rocked them.

At BBQ’s I showed the ladies an email on my PDA regarding the FANTABULOUS sale going on at Knit Happens. Their eyes popped out of their heads. I think I must’ve been one of the first 3 or 5 or 10 people to order because it was shipped out that day. I scored folks. BIG TIME.

Here I am Squeezing the Loot.

Squeezing loot

Here I am Petting the Loot.

Petting loot

Here I am Hugging the Loot

Hugging loot

Lorna’s Laces galore, Cherry Tree Hill and Koigu.

New Sock Yarn Loot

Oh, and once that shipped, I couldn’t resist. I caved folks…yes, I sure as hell did. Who the HECK could resist that tremendous sale?? Well, Wendy told me she resisted but apparently she’s made of steel. :-)) I bought enough Debbie Bliss Baby Cash, Cathay and RYC Cashsoft for FOUR summer tops! WOO HOO!! I busted out of that Yarn Diet LOOOVELY! UGH! But, what can we do? We are only human right? And I HAVE been working diligently through my stash.

In fact, I’m almost done on the turtleneck halter top from Fitted Knits using stash yarn. Perfect stashbuster for KFYS07 if I do say so myself. Wait til you guys see it!

It’s flllly!


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