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Can I get a WOOT WOOT!

Si, mis amigos, Rosi has a new toy! Thanks to Turtlegirl for letting not minding helping me pick out my new Fuji Finepix F20, just like hers. Cuz ya’ll know I can’t make up my mind whether I wanna be Turtlegirl, The YoYo Knits, or Brooklyn Tweed when I grow up (although that latter may take some surgery! HA!).

Here’s my contribution to YPF. Schaeffer Anne. I love me some Schaeffer! Cantcha tell? I’m doing my Perfect Pie in this yarn in red and I LOVE it. I can’t wait to come up with a plan for this one. Thoughts anyone? I have 1120 total yards. What shawl would look nice in this yarn?

Schaeffer Anne (7)Schaeffer Anne (9)Schaeffer Anne (8)Schaeffer Anne (4)Schaeffer Anne (2)Schaeffer Anne

If ya’ll look over there —–> on my sidebar, you will notice a new section called “Yarn Diet”. I have to make 5 major projects before I can break my diet. So I asked the expert on all things, Jeanine, how many hats make up one major project and how many gloves and socks. She said 4 hats and 2 gloves and 2 pairs of socks.
Now I ask you, my loyal readers, how many scarves make up a large project? I have to make at least 3 this winter.

Hey!! My blogiversary is tomorrow! What shall I do?? Do ya’ll want a contest and a yarn prize???

Que viva Rhinebeck!!


Wow, what an experience. I have been putting off writing about it because there is so much I want to say. So much I want to share with you guys. So I think we’ll have several days worth of Rhinebeck posts.
IMG_2320First off, can one overdose on yarn shopping? You sure as hell can!!! This then leads you to put yourself on a STRICT yarn diet. Have you guys looked at my Current Stash Galeria? Are you fucking kidding me, Rosi?? WTF. You are NOT to purchase anymore yarn until you’ve completed at LEAST 5 major projects. And NO this does NOT include socks!!! (That’s my conscience yelling at me!)
I shopped at Little Knits and DeStash all week last week, plus a co-op. And then Rhinebeck. That’s it. I should have enough yarn to last me a few years. I know I will be able to control myself and not buy anything until done.

But I digress. Rhinebeck. Ahhh, Rhinebeck. I had soo much fun. I laughed like you have NO idea.

And away they go!The day started off with some illegal crazy turns and parking. I had places to go! Had to save time. Couldn’t afford to go around 4 blocks to get to the same corner I was standing at! This involves a bit of backwards driving and some u-turns but who cares. Anyway, so these 5 chicks and I meet in front of 7-11. The only 7-11 I’ve EVER seen in NYC!! WTF! I never even knew we had one out here. So, we get the clerk to take pictures of us. They were all staring at us like “these chicks must be high or something!” Yea, high on Bustelo and the prospect of shop til you drop.

From left to right:

  • Jeanine – Knitter’s Haven – aka Red
  • Tawana – Rooted in Knit-Reality – aka Tea Drinker
  • Necia – Jane of All Trades – aka Happy Wheel Owner
  • Nancy – Blogless – aka Cubana
  • Rosi G. – aka me – aka Too Much Mohair
  • Iraida – Bronxie aka “Are people still knitting that??” OR “It’s Knit Picks Shimmer. That’s all I have to say about that.”

We were made excellent time heading there. Then we got lost detoured for a half hour or so. But we STILL got to Rhinebeck at about 10 am or before.

Socks That RockFirst stop was The Fold where I proceeded to spend $106 on 5 skeins of Socks That Rock. I’m going to skip here all the way til late in the afternoon when I returned to The Fold booth to ask a question about tax.

See, in NYC, when I go yarn shopping, we don’t get taxed on yarn. I thought it was all over NYS and all of the booths I went to EXCEPT The Fold did NOT charge me tax on yarn. I paid $9 in tax alone at The Fold so I wanted to go inquire about it. Since they were sold out the line wasn’t long but people were still browsing around. I waited until I had a moment to whisper to one of the two ringing up people and I told her very quietly, “I don’t think you’re supposed to charge tax….?” She goes, “Oh, I don’t know” and gets her co-worker. I think this was the owner. I again whisper to her with receipt in hand about the tax.

She. Went. Off. When I tell you that this woman caught the ONLY FUCKING ATTITUDE with me. She said, it’s not ME charging you tax it’s the state and I have to pay that back to them and I can’t do anything about that and blah blah….Cuz folks, let me tell you that I ZONED out from the state of shock I was in. I was ready to rip her head off and opened my mouth to do so when she walked away and out of her booth. I started saying WELL I’M SURE AS HELL GOING TO FIND OUT IF YOU’RE GONNA BE PAYING THAT TO THE STATE AND IF IT’S TRUE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO CHARGE TAX!!! I know that more than a few people heard me. Heads were turning. I was BEYOND pissed the fuck off at that woman. That was the MOST unprofessional behavior that I have EVER seen from anyone! I cannot believe that a store as popular as that would have someone answer a customer that didn’t buy 1 skein but FIVE or even if it WERE only one, no need to come out of your face like that. A simple explanation is all I was looking for.

Thankfully, Andrea, from Seaport Yarns in NYC, was more than happy to CALMLY explain (when I walked over there venting) that it’s only in the five boroughs that you don’t have to pay tax on yarn.

See folks? That’s all I needed. I was only looking for a simple answer. I could’ve been a wild-ass customer and asked the question loudly in front of everyone instead of pulling her to the side and whispering it.

Fucking. Bitch. I will NEVER EVER buy from The Fold again. Never. She will never get another red cent out of me, much less a Benjamin!! If I fall in love with STR, then I will purchase from Blue Moon themselves. Fuck The Fold. Hell no.

I did shows such as this for 4 years when I was still selling soap. No matter how aggravating nor how tired I might have been I NEVER insulted a customer in such a manner. I did my best to answer any questions as clearly as possible. I got asked the tax question, too. Many times. And I would answer calmly always with a smile on my face even if the customer was making me grit my teeth in my head.

Lady, you need an attitude adjustment.

AAAAANYWAY, back to the beginning. After we spent an hour online paying for our yarn at The F’in-old, we then started wandering around. We split up into two groups: Necia and Tawana went wheel shopping (spinners) and Jeanine, Iraida and I went yarn galore shopping. Nancy met up with a group called the Spiders and went off.

Tomorrow, Part Deux.