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Yarn Pr0n Friday

I decided to join the ring of knitters out there sharing their luscious yarn with the blogstalkers out there. I love looking at other people’s stuff and thought it’d be cool to share some of my own.

Fleece Artist Peter RabbitFleece Artist Peter RabbitTo start: Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit from Little Knits. Can I tell you that this baby is sooo luscious. sooo incredibly soft! Esmie picked it up when I got it and said, “Wow, Ma, this will make a great hat and scarf!!” Maybe I’ll make her just that. She’s gonna be such a good knitter!!

But I digress…

The colorway on this beauty is called Dragonfly. The yarn is made from 70% angora, 20% nylon and 10% wool.

If not a hat and scarf for Esmie, what would you guys recommend I make with this one skein?

Fleece Artist Peter RabbitFleece Artist Peter RabbitFleece Artist Peter Rabbit

Yarn Pr0n

Necia kindly pointed out a new (to me) LYS called Brooklyn General. She also mentioned that the website didn’t do the store justice, or so she’d heard….of course I had to go see for myself!!

Whoever said this to her….was absofuckinglutely right! That store has sooo many loverrrly yarns! Malabrigo in Oro y Vino even! Ya’ll know I love me this colorway! Plenty of Debbie Bliss and Rowan yarns. She even has Regia! Oh and lots of stuff for spinners!!! If there are any spinners out there you should definitely go!
IMG_1640.JPGThey also have this sale bin of yarn at $6 per skein! Lawd have mercy. I picked up 8 balls of Debbie Bliss Cathay in cream. It was supposed to be from a shell pattern I got at kpixie this week but it won’t be suitable for it. The cotton yarn used in that pattern is much thinner than this one. Karabella cotton. Can anyone recommend a pattern for me? Do you think this yarn is good for Wendy’s Sizzle?
img_1650.jpgAs I was walking around I saw this loooovely skein of reds and purples and burgundy. Picked it up and waddya know?? Schaeffer Anne!! OMG this yarn is soooo soft! Ya’ll know I love me some mohair and this HAS mohair! I of course had to buy it ($24). It’s too lovely for socks so as soon as I got home I hit the Knitty forum and found that someone recommended the half pi shawl from Weekend Knitting! JACKPOT! That’s what it’s destined to be. 😀 I can’t wait to cast on for that one!

IMG_1652.JPGWent to The Yarn Tree to pick up two skeins of Koigu. For some reason during one of her sales this year, I only picked up 1 each of certain colors. I have HUGE feet. WTF am I gonna do w/one skein? (I THINK I wanted anklets….but still!) So I went and bought two other skeins. The rainbow one was not the one I originally went to get – I wanted the orange colorway one which of course she was completely out of! GRRRR One of these sets of skeins is destined to be the Anastasia Socks.
IMG_1658.JPGIMG_1661.JPGI’d ordered my KIPers bag set from Knit Picks before I moved and I got them this week. Been using them ever since and I LOVE them! They work great! I love how I can detach the purse part without having to sit there and move everything to a new bag! AND the straps are long enough to wear them across my shoulder! LOOOOVE that!

I also got a few patterns (Victorian Diamond Top Socks, Janet Lace Shawl, and Bath Accessories) and some yarn for washcloths: Shine Sport and Crayon. Two skeins of WotA Bulky in the Redwood Forest colorway for a felted bag. This is a really nice colorway. My favorite autumn colors!